Woman's Screaming Breakdown on Flight Rattles Passengers (VIDEO)


airplaneEnough complaining over crying babies on flights -- this is much, much worse. On a flight to Tampa, Florida, a woman had a screaming breakdown, and one of the passengers caught it on video. "God you're my savior!" she screams, over and over again, as if possessed. She also screams something about her mother having died recently. And when a man tries to calm her, she screams, "Don't f***ing touch me!" before resuming her religious rant.

We don't know much about the situation, just what the passenger tells us. The woman had been screaming for 20 minutes before he started recording. Thankfully toward the end of the video, the pilot announces that they're preparing to land -- the passengers will be out of their misery, soon. But it makes me wonder, what do you do when something like this happens on a flight? How do you cope?

This woman is obviously fodder for the Internet trolls, and I'm sure she was the target of hateful feelings on the flight. But I kind of feel sorry for her. No one wants to have a psychotic breakdown on an airplane. Grief and stress can trigger all sorts of strange things. We don't know anything about this woman's story, so I think a little compassion is a good place to start.

I don't think it's a good idea to get directly involved. This woman did not get violent, but you never know when someone having a breakdown might. Better to just stay out of their way or ask the flight attendants if there's something you could do. But did you notice the flight attendants weren't doing anything to the woman? It could be their standard procedure: Do not speak to or touch a person having a breakdown unless they cause other passengers physical harm.

It's probably more helpful to just try and be a source of chilled-out vibes. Practice some deep breathing. Smile sympathetically to your fellow passengers. Go to your happy place in your mind. And surrender to the realization that you can't change what's happening, only how you respond to it.

Maybe weep quietly to yourself in your seat, if that helps.

And then, after you've safely landed and disembarked, you have to tell someone. I can imagine posting this video must have been cathartic. "You'll never believe what happened to me today! It was horrible!" Sharing your horror story can help relieve some of the stress built up from such an awful experience. 

What's the worst thing you've ever endured on a flight?


Image via Billy Hustace/Corbis



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lulou lulou

I had a guy on a flight hitting on a woman next to him, by talking revelations, end of the world type stuff, totally felt  for her, and turned up my headphones.  I think he was just trying to hit on her, but this lady Id cut more slack too as I think she has more serious anxiety issues. 

But what I like to do otherwise, is try to talk obsessively about fantasy football.  It is extremely boring to those not involved.  I gave that same advice to a radio show that had a callin yesterday on how to get rid of a stalky friend.  You can be like - oh really that happened, then relate it to yourself and involve fantasy football, like oh really, I know how you feel, bradshaws on IR now, seriously

nonmember avatar NoWay

I really hope it wasn't a long flight. I think I would have gone insane, myself. Someone like that should not be flying. If my kids were with me on a flight like that, they would be terrified!

AliPa... AliParker

That was pretty intense. I feel awful for the woman sitting next to them. I am curious if the man knew her or not.

It is so irritating to video everyone. I don't know why people think that this is ok but it's really not. To video the woman screaming is one thing but what about the 12 other people this idiot caught in his video. Maybe they didn't want to be in it. I wouldn't have wanted to be in it.

lalab... lalaboosh

Wow, that looks horrible for everyone. I hope I never have an experience like this, but if I do I hope it ends at least half as well as this. I also hope I am not the one freaking out, lol. Oh, man. Hugs to them all.

Tracy Leigh Powers

So what happened AFTER the Flight Landed? Was she detained? Sent for a Psych Evaluation?

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