6 Halloween Decorations Scary Enough to Make You Scream (PHOTOS)

Tracy Odell | Oct 10, 2013 Home & Garden

Want to scare the pants off your neighbors and send the trick-or-treaters running in fear this year [insert diabolical laugh]? As the trend of mega-decorating for Halloween grows in popularity, so does the selection of horrifying interior and exterior props to choose from. We're rounding up some of our favorite scream-worthy Halloween decorations over on The Prowl, but here's a sneak peek that'll get you crying for your mommy right now.

  • Bag of Bones


    Image via Target.com

    Ew. Ew. Ew! This 13-piece bag of bones ($20) is pretty much as “ew” as you can get.

  • Lifelike Scary Peeper


    Image via Grandinroad.com

    Keep a defibrillator on hand if you put this creepy peeper ($59) in the window at your Halloween party!

  • Bleeding Hand Candle


    Image via JohnnyBWilde, Etsy

    This candle ($49.06) is cast from a real hand so you can see every life-like wrinkle in its detail. Oh, and if that's not creepy enough -- the wax on the inside is red, so it looks like it's bleeding as it burns!

  • Menacing Mummy Window Panels


    Image via Grandinroad.com

    Window clings are really popular this year and this one is a goodie. You just trim the cling ($19) to fit your window and turn on your interior light to illuminate the design at night.

  • Vintage Doll Arms


    Image via VintageJunkinMyTrunk, Etsy

    This collection of vintage baby doll arms ($45) might just be the creepiest thing we've ever seen. Once sweet dolls are now the things of nightmares. Just try to unsee this!

  • Cleaver Ring


    Image via Raul Souza, Etsy

    Check out the rest of our freaky collection of horrifying Halloween finds, like this cleaver ring ($202), in Super Scary Halloween on The Prowl!

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