Easy, Spooky Bat Door Will Have Your House Halloween-Ready in No Time (VIDEO)

I'm taking this week's crafty challenge back to the front porch in an attempt to create a spooky bat door to welcome guests. When I saw the bat door crafts going viral on Pinterest I just knew I had to try this! Most of the pins instruct users to print out a bat template, trace it onto construction paper, cut the bats out and secure them to your door with tape.

However, I was thrilled to find Martha Stewart has a line of Halloween decor, and for less than $10 I was able to skip the trace, cut, and tape process. Three cheers for cutting corners!


Was I able to make MY bat door look as wonderfully spooky as the bat doors I've seen on Pinterest? Watch this video and find out how the process went and what the finished product looked like!:

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Would you add bats to your front door as a spooky welcome to guests?


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