David & Victoria Beckham Trading Their 'Palace' for a Larger 'Castle' (PHOTOS)

Beckham home

Plenty of families opt to move into larger homes once the kids get a little older and they need more space. But reportedly David and Victoria Beckham are moving to a $70 million mansion (roughly the size of a castle) in London now that they've sold their country estate, "Beckingham Palace."

They wound up getting a cool $19.25 million for the pad. Considering they paid a mere $4 million for it in 1999, they have a pretty hefty down payment to put on the $70 million place.

Sheesh. From this photo, does the new home really look like it's worth that much? Maybe most of the home is hidden behind the trees or something.

And honestly, Beckingham Palace is so ritzy, it's hard to imagine another home being able to outdo it.


Check it out.

Beckingham palace

OMG. Gorgeous, right? Good grief. The home resembles a palace for sure and is situated on 12 acres, so the whole fam had plenty of privacy -- something that may not be as easy to come by in the bustling city of London.

That being said, if they do move into the new digs as is speculated, the family of six will have more than enough room to spread out.

Get this one -- it has 46 rooms, a swimming pool, a triple garage, and even its own movie theater. Did you hear that? Forty-six rooms. What in the heck does anyone do with 46 rooms?!? Won't they get lost in there? (Or maybe that's the whole idea. They'll never have to leave the house because they won't be able to find their way out.)

One thing's for sure -- it's going to be pretty tough to find anything nicer than a $70 million home, so I guess it's safe to assume this will be the last move for the Beckham family for quite some time. 

Or at least until all four kids are grown and move out and David and Posh decide they're ready to downsize. Huh. Maybe if they're lucky, their old "smaller" home in the country will be back on the market again.

Would you want to live in a 46-room house?


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