5 Simple Tricks to Making a Small Room Seem Larger

I tliving roomhink it's safe to say that we all have different ideas for our dream home. While some ladies envision crisp white drapes and perfectly stained wood floors, others long for bursts of color brightening up the home. There's one thing I think all homeowners can agree on, though: We all wish we had some more space. Small spaces, although cozy, aren't always what dreams are made of. But heck, sometimes finding real estate is all about making a few sacrifices.

So what's a woman with a small space that needs decorating to do? Well, whether it's a small New York City apartment or a teeny room in your country house, check out these 5 tips for making small spaces feel larger, here:


1. Keep things light: The lighter your walls, the bigger your room is going to look. Why's that? Well, they're generally more reflective and that maximizes any amount of natural light that comes into the space.

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2. Hello, furniture with storage: There are SO many different ways to add storage to your space without using massive shelving units. Try opting for a cute coffee table with storage space, or an ottoman with a removable top. I love love love this easy, inexpensive large rectangular ottoman from Target ($63.99, target.com).

3. Get reflective: The #1 way to make your room look bigger is by adding mirrors. This gives the room more dimension and totally opens up the space.

4. Add color ... above: Putting a light color on your ceiling draws the eye upward and generally makes the walls seem taller. If you're a fan of this tip, though, make sure not to use a dark color. Instead, pick a tone that complements the light shade of your walls. For example -- if you have white walls, pick a beige or light yellow color for your ceiling.

5. Keep things simple: Loading a small space with loads of objects makes it feel cluttered and crowded. Instead, choose a few big pieces to make your staples, whether it be a large-sized couch and one bold mirror, or a shelving unit with simple books.

How do you make your smaller space look bigger?


Image via Wickerfurniture/Flickr

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