Cheapskate Couple Shares Same String of Floss to Save Money (VIDEO)

sharing shampooHow far will you go to save money at home? Probably not as far as this couple is going. Karissa and Rick Parran share a level of intimacy that goes beyond even that of Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian, and it's a whole lot less sexy, too. As you'll see in the clip from TLC's Extreme Cheapskates show, they share everything, including dental floss. I don't mean that they share the same box of dental floss -- I mean Karissa uses a string of floss and then hands it over to Rick to re-use.

You may now commence writhing in disgust. Eww! Wait, there's more ... 


So first you see Karissa and Rick showering together, which sounds like a fine idea to me -- except if you're doing it right, that shower should actually take much longer than their strict two minutes. (If ya know what I mean ...) But that's not what Karissa and Rick are about. "There's no hanky panky at all," Rick says. You guys are FUN! Karissa gets busy right away, sudsing up her scalp with shampoo. Then she scrapes it off and lets Rick re-use her suds instead of just letting them run down the drain.

Jeebus, who knew we were being so wasteful with our shampoo? One bottle will last them eight months, which ... is a lot longer than one bottle will last on just me. How often are they washing their hair, anyway? 

Then Karissa will shave her armpits with the razor and hand it over to Rick to shave his face. AND WHEN IT GETS DULL, THEY SHARPEN THE BLADE. We're talking a 99-cent plastic razor, people. Karissa claims they save $200 in razors, and I think she needs to check her math. Does she mean over a lifetime? 

They share q-tips (she get one end, he gets the other). And then they share deodorant -- and this is where the logic fails and we fall into a parallel universe of Actions That Look Frugal But Are in Fact Not. You don't have to share the same stick! That's not even going to save money. If she buys her own stick, and he buys his own stick, and they each use one swipe per underarm, they're going to use the exact same amount of deodorant as they do by sharing a stick. Know what I mean? But this way they're also sharing bacteria -- which may actually make their deodorant LESS effective. Not frugal.

And then the floss -- couldn't Karissa at least rinse that thing off before handing it off to Rick? Kind of defeats the purpose of flossing, if you're going to work someone else's food into your teeth. Also, see above re: Her bacteria vs. his. Ugh.

What are they doing with all the tens of dollars they're saving here? I'm sorry, but I just do not believe they're saving so much with all this sharing. It's probably pennies a day. They'd better be saving up for an amazing trip to Bali the next town over or something. Of course, they'll probably ruin that with even more frugal over-sharing, like splitting a motel room with another couple, walking there instead of driving, wearing each other's clothes to save on laundry ...

Do you share anything with your spouse or SO to save money?


Image via TLC

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