Happy Dog's Reaction to Deployed Owner on Skype Reminds Us All About Our Real Best Friends (PHOTO)

military DadLet's be real: dogs do some pretty adorable things. You know, like roll over, nuzzle at your feet, whimper in a way that's so much cuter than a small child -- that sort of stuff. But arguably the cutest thing dogs do is show affection and excitement for their owners. I mean, come on, doesn't it feel freakin' fabulous to know that to this one teeny tiny animal, you are the world? No worries, I'll answer that tough one. Yes.

Well, one lucky dog owner who goes by the Reddit username Nekofrog was deployed in 2011. Missing his dog, he Skyped back home and was greeted with a level of excitement that I can hardly justify with words.

This dog's reaction to his military Dad is absolutely priceless. Check it out, here:


Dog Misses Owner Skype

LOOK AT THAT FACE! How excited is he!? It's totally clear that this adorable pup misses his owner just as much as he misses him. And look at those chompers! There's no doubting that if he's this excited to see his owner over Skype, he's gonna flip when he sees him in person.

Is this adorable or what?


Images via U.S. Army/Flickr, Reddit

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