Kate Middleton's New Home Is the Ideal Place to Raise Prince George

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Kensington Palace

The renovations certainly took long enough, but this week Prince William and Kate Middleton are moving into Kensington Palace with baby Prince George. Their new "apartment" honestly sounds more like a mansion than a flat.

For starters, Apartment 1A boasts 20 rooms, so it's a little bit larger than the average starter home for a new family, to say the least. I mean, most of us consider a 10-room house to be pretty darn spacious -- but can you imagine having 20 different spaces to stretch out in? (OMG. I'd feel like a princess.)

Ready to hear what those 20 rooms consist of?

In addition to not one, but two nurseries for Prince George (a night nursery and a day nursery), the home also has three main bedrooms, five reception rooms (because you can't receive people in the same room every time they visit), dressing rooms (probably quite a few), bathrooms, staff bedrooms, and ancillary rooms (whatever the heck those are).

Geez. This pad sounds pretty over-the-top -- but I guess that's to be expected considering they're royalty and all. But regardless of their formal titles, Kate and Prince William are going to be so much happier raising Prince George in their larger, permanent home. It can't have been easy to bounce around from place to place with a newborn, so I'm sure they both agree that this move is long overdue.

And when it comes to having a baby around, the more space you have, the better. It's amazing how much smaller the house seems when there are exersaucers, pack-and-plays, and countless toys scattered about, so I'm sure Kate and Wills will get more than enough use out of those five reception rooms.

Do you think Prince William and Kate will be happier in their new home?


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nonmember avatar aryanna

that's a lot of bedrooms and I think William will be happy in his childhood home that's where him and harry grew up as a child

waity... waitykate

Duh yes it's a mansion not a "flat".  They are spending too much of their taxpayer's money too. There are also additions and work going on at their OTHER house, Anmer Hall.  Neither one of them has a "job", so amazing what they get for free. Don't even try to say that Waity Kate has a job, and Willy-Boy just quit his search and rescue job. He's spoiled, so is Waity.  William claims to be concerned for animal welfare yet both he and Waity go shooting. Losers -

Kam Fung

I hope so; as long as there are no uninvited visitors that the Duchess of Cambridge is uncomfortable with. Prince George, please be happy there like your father and uncle was.

Kim Van Cleave Gronewold

Yes I know they will be happy there.That is where William and Henry lived at one time.


stara... starandseen

Sure hope so. They're lucky they have people cleaning all 20 rooms. 

Alma Fleming

Personally ,I think they wanted to stay in Anglsea where they could be themselves,and also have the privacy and the lovely countryside and beaches for the baby Prince.

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