Family Fights to Keep Their 7 Pet Tigers (VIDEO)

tigerA family in Brazil is fighting back against government officials who want to confiscate their pets. Why would the government care about household pets? Because we aren't talking about a couple of cats or a dog -- this family owns tigers. That's right, plural. The Borges family owns seven tigers, all the descendents of a pair they originally rescued from a traveling circus in 2005.

The family argues that they provide nothing but great care for their big cats. But this doesn't stop the government from being concerned. And you know what? Fair. Because these people ARE LIVING WITH SEVERAL TIGERS. In addition to public safety concerns, the government also suspects that the tigers are being illegally bred. This last charge is one the family vehemently denies. 


Obviously, when you've grown up with an animal, you love it. Even if the animal in question should be living in a zoo or a jungle. The Borges daughters, now both adults, can remember the tigers sleeping in their beds with them when they were cubs. What's a charming memory to them is basically a nightmare to anyone else.


If the family loves the tigers as much as they claim, they will listen to the government and stop fighting. They aren't just endangering their own lives, but the lives of their "pets" too. Tigers aren't meant to live like house-cats. If one were to kill a member of the family, it would doubtlessly be put to sleep, which isn't fair to anyone. If the Borges family is truly moved by love, it's time they rethink their actions.

Do you think the family should give up their tigers?


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