10 Haunted Hotels Where You Just Might Get to 'Sleep' With a Ghost (PHOTOS)

hotel del coronado

If you're looking for a truly fun and spine-tingling experience this Halloween, you really can't go wrong by booking a room at a haunted hotel and trying your best to get a decent night's sleep.

Forget haunted houses. With how many people have passed through (and sometimes passed away in) hotels over the years, it's not a huge shock that some of the most popular places travelers rest their heads are home to restless spirits who have never bothered to check out of their guest rooms.

Take a look at these photos to see 10 of the most haunted hotels in the United States. Booking an overnight stay at any one of these properties might come with a spooky upgrade you'll never forget.


Image via hoteldelcoronado/Flickr

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mande... manderspanders

I had to read this list to make sure the Crescent in Eureka Springs was mentioned!

I've never stayed there (and won't because it IS haunted! and has been featured on Ghost Hunters as well); but I have been to Eureka numerous times, and have been on 2 ghost tours at the Crescent.  Truly a unique little getaway and worth going out to see!

nonmember avatar Hernandez

OMG Manderspanders, I also had to see the list to see if the Roosevelt Hotel and the Queen Mary would be mentioned. I never went inside, but my dad used to work near the Roosevelt and he used to tell me it's haunted when I was a child. And I have family in Long Beach and they told me the same thing about the Queen Mary.

adamat34 adamat34

Ummmm....where are all the hotels in Gettysburg???

ankharra ankharra

I stayed at the Crescent in Eureka Springs.  I didn't see anything, now I'm all disappointed.  I don't remember if it was called the Crescent when I was there, but it was really cool.

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