Kurt Cobain's Childhood Home Is for Sale -- Complete With Scribblings & Hole He Punched in Wall (VIDEO)

If you're wondering how to make certain your home appreciates in value during times of economic uncertainty, there's one surefire way to see your home price rise dramatically -- raise your kid to be a rock star! The childhood home of Kurt Cobain, the legendary Nirvana frontman who tragically killed himself at age 27, is hitting the market. The asking price is $500,000. That'll get you a small shack in Abderdeen, Washington, where similar homes go for about $80,000. But. Kurt Cobain lived there! If you totally want to sit around strumming "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on your gee-tar and inhaling the dank aura of grunge rock, this is your pad.


The home, at 1210 East 1st Street in Aberdeen, Washington, is where Cobain grew up. His mom, Wendy, has owned it since Kurt was a blonde-haired 2-year-old cherub. And let's just say mom never got around to renovating.

The house still has its '70s bungalow decor, and comes with dingy orange carpeting, canary yellow kitchen counters, faux-wood paneling, and what appears to be a faux-brick fireplace. Oh well, whatever, never mind. (Rainy weather is free.)

The home also features young Kurt's early penchant for music -- he drew the names Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden on the walls -- as well as his early angst -- at least one wall still contains the hole left behind after Kurt put his fist through it.

Additionally, you are welcome to Kurt's old mattress, which is gathering mold in the attic. But what is a little mold to lie where rock genius lay?

The house is obviously wildly overpriced, but you can't put a price on rock royalty. Well, actually, I guess you can, and in this case it's $500,000.

Would you buy this house?

Image via abcu vh/YouTube

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