7 Celebs Who Survived Living in Real Haunted Houses

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LaLaurie Mansion

It's the most wonderful time of the year ... if you're more into disembodied, vengeful spirits and ghoulish apparitions than snowmen and jingle bells, that is. Yup, Halloween season is officially upon us, and what with celeb exorcisms making headlines (not to mention teen girl exorcisms), we think it makes perfect sense to turn the spotlight on a small but significant portion of the rich & famous: Celebs who live (or have lived) in haunted houses. That's right, even Hollywood types get the bejeezus scared out of them from time to time, and some of their stories are freaky enough to merit silver screen reenactments -- except, of course, the last thing any of these already-spooked sorts probably want to do is simulate the horrors endured at home. 

But that's okay, cause we're here to dish on all the gory details for you! Check out the truly twisted tales of these 7 celebs who lived in seriously haunted houses.

1. Nicolas Cage 

It should come as a surprise to approximately no one that Nicolas Cage not only tops our list of celebs who lived in haunted houses, but that he bought a haunted house ON PURPOSE. And not just any haunted house, one of the most notoriously haunted houses ever, New Orleans' LaLaurie Mansion (owned by a socialite in the 1830s who was notorious for abusing her servants). "It's allegedly the most severely haunted house in the United States of America ... that's what they tell me," said Cage. So haunted, in fact, that Cage reportedly never even slept in the house before selling it in 2009.

2. Keanu Reeves

We know what you're thinking -- Keanu Reeves?? Ted "Theodore" Logan? What kind of ghost would want to haunt such a mellow dude? Apparently one in a double-breasted suit with no legs, cause that's what appeared to a 5-year-old Keanu and his sister. EEEK!

3. Matthew McConaughey

Again: Who'd want to haunt that mellow dude's house? Well, a female spirit named "Madame Blue" who likes to make "noises that sounded like a dime getting dropped about ten feet." According to Matthew, once he started walking around the place naked all the time carrying a baseball bat, he and his ghoulfriend started getting along. (Ya think??)

4. Loretta Lynn

Remember what we were saying about burial grounds? Just ask Loretta Lynn -- the country crooner had the misfortune of buying a home with 19 Confederate soldiers buried on the grounds, plus slaves from an old "slave pit" and an unearthly "woman in white" (probably the least horrifying of the bunch!). 

5. Adele

Yeah, well, that's what you get when you buy a 10-bedroom former convent to live in, Adele: Lots of scary bump-in-the-night noises, to the point where she paid female bodyguards to sleep there with her! (As if a bodyguard could really protect her from a dead nun. Good luck with that!)

6. Anne Rice

Sure, even less surprising than Nic Cage -- and also in New Orleans -- but still worth noting, because the author who made vampires cool long before the Cullens once lived in the Brevard House, famous for a creepy mist that would rise on the porch where the original owner shot himself. (Rice made the house the setting for her novel "The Witching Hour.")

7. Alyson Hannigan

We wouldn't have pegged the How I Met Your Mother star as a spook-enthusiast either, but Hannigan says a ghost shares the home she lives in with her husband and daughter, and he once appeared in the bathroom window. Cheeky! 

Have you ever lived in a haunted house?


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adamat34 adamat34

When I was 13 i stayed with my grandparents alone for tge first time in their old house....got up to pee opened the door and saw a tall man, blk pants white shirt standijg at the door way to the other bedroom at then end of the landing. I freaked and crawled back in bed didnt com out till morning. When i tokd my grandmother then next morning she said "'honey thats jusy Leroy, he comes to see me now and then" Leroy was my uncle who died in that room from alcohol poisoning years before.......ill never forget that night!!!

Roche... RochesterGal

My brother & his family live in a 200 yr old haunted house.  There is an old woman (maybe from the 1940's) and little boy (from the 1800's).  The old woman is cranky and yells out Damn! from time to time and the little boy occassionally sits on the stairs looking up at the 2nd floor.  They are were not afraid until one day my sister in law was taking an afternoon nap on the living room couch in winter and woke up just as it was getting dark because there was a man staring at her about 6 inches from her face, he was dressed in modern clothes with a modern haircut and then he disappeared.  They were wondering if there is something in their house that draws spirits; but they never seen him again. 

patty... pattybear156

when my husband and I was pregnant with my son we went house looking, (lived in appt ) and we went to look at a house a friend of ours told us about. they didn't tell us anything about the history of the house. well as we walked through my husband takes to the basement, and looks around, I go with the realtor upsttairs and I had all hairs stand up on my arms and back of my neck, felt very uncomfortable in the house. my husband asked me what I thought and I said no. we talked it over and he had the same experiance in the basement.

I told him that the hairs stood up on the back of my neck and arms. I told him we should talk to the reator come to find out that someone had killed themself in the house. needless to say we didn't buy the house. I didn't want anything comeing after me or my kids. I'll never forget that feeling.

Bmabes Bmabes

Oh my gosh! Love the haunting stories. I was pretty convinced I would never experience something really creepy after going to one of the most "haunted" sites in the world (in Scotland) and not seeing anything. Years later I was staying alone at my now, fiance's old apartment which was an old house converted into separate rooms, and entries. I'd stayed there for a month or more but this was my first night alone as he opened a bar with his business partner and extended the hours as their business grew. Well I fell asleep watching TV and woke up to Jim sitting across the room on a couch that was a distance away from the bed. The lights were off, but his figure caught the light from the moon and what have you from outside. I remember being awake enough to think "weird how his motorcycle did not wake me up" This was at about 3:30 (again I was awake enough to glance, think, then look at the clock before settling back in) not finding his sitting across from me weird because after a busy night it is nice to just unwind in the quiet for a bit. Well about 15 minutes later (3:45am) I hear Jim's motorcycle. Needless to say I met him outside, where I stayed until he convinced me no one was in the apartment. There was also a ghost cat and one more experience with my ghouly ghost friend but that one is even harder to explain and crazy sounding.

cooki... cookinmommyof1

Before dh and I bought it house we looked at a couple that were quite definitely haunted. One of them his sister wouldn't go inside in broad daylight. She's a little on the strange side and thinks every house is haunted. Lol. I have seen a pic of a real ghost. It is of my gpa at his memOrial service 3 months after he passed.

cooki... cookinmommyof1

And my dad and uncle do paranormal investigating and have gone ghost hunting with taps

nonmember avatar L

I can't pin down the number of things running around my house some days and try not to think too hard on it. Not everything is bad, but it far out weighs the harmless

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