Kate Middleton & Prince William Vacation at Balmoral Castle With Prince George: See It!

Kate Middleton and Prince William have finally introduced Prince George to the woman who someday will make him very rich and powerful: His great-grandma, Queen Elizabeth. Gee, I hope they got along or who knows if the Queen might rewrite the rules and leave it all to Harry! Haha. JOKE. No worries, Georgie. Anyway, the royal pair are vacationing with the Queen at Balmoral Castle, in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Prince George must have passed muster because a photo of Kate and Wills with the baby took front and center on the Queen's table in one of the castle's sitting rooms. But the castle is also a popular tourist destination -- and you can stay on the estate grounds. Maybe Kate and Will will invite you over for tea! Here's a look at Balmoral Castle.

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Susan Mills

I would love to stay in a cottage at Balmoral..and have tea with Kate!..what a nice girl..

jazz54 jazz54

Kate Middleton-Dutcchess of Cambrige is lovely.  Diana would have been so proud of Wills, his choice of a wife and a beautiful grandson.  So sad-What a terrible shame that the world has lost such a beautiful, special and inspirational woman.  I'm glad Wills looks just like her, and even shares her mannerisms, humanitariumn spirt, and all that was so good about his mother.  I think that he is determined to protect Kate from things similar to what his Mum went through.  I predict a long happy marriage and at least one more child very soon.  I do hope that charles and that witch of a wife Camillaare passed over for the throne in favor of the honors going directly the Wills and Katherine.  They deserve it and it would help Wills honor his mother, taking the country in a new direction that the people have already indicated that they wanted-obvious in their reaction to Princess Di and the choices that she made.  Bringing Camilla into the family after the way Charles  dsrespected Di by being unfaithful for so many years is disgraceful.  They should both fly out on the broom Camilla flew in on.

nonmember avatar palmedface

Are you people really this stupid, as to think the British Royal's are 'nice people'? learn to recognize good P.R. when you see it, and try not to shit so hard on your ancestors graves by glorifying this disgusting family of psychopaths with the blood of millions on their hands. (y)

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