'Naked' Haunted House Tour Sounds WAY More Terrifying Than Seeing a Ghost

haunted houseWant to kick things up a notch and be really, really freaked out this Halloween? Then you probably need to forget about visiting a cemetery in the middle of the night or holding a seance in your living room. If you truly want a good fright, you need to pop on over to Pennsylvania to take a tour of a naked haunted house.

And yes, a naked haunted house is exactly what it sounds like. It's a house full of all sorts of (fake) ghosts, goblins, and things that jump out and scream at you -- all while you're walking through it in the buff.

Did I mention there will be a bunch of other random naked people shuffling their way through the haunted house with you?


Yep. People who are brave enough to enter the nude fright house will first remove their clothes in a semi-private space (whatever the hell that means), take the haunted tour, and end up in a courtyard where they can get dressed again. (In front of each other?!?)

Ok, so I get that people like to be scared on and around Halloween, and venturing into a haunted house is a great way to let out a scream or two. But you know what's about 1,000 times more terrifying than a dude dressed up like Michael Myers sneaking up behind you? A sweaty, stinky, naked stranger walking three feet in front of you who you accidentally bump up against in the dark -- while you are also naked. (Or what if it's the other way around and he bumps into you? Yikes!)

And another thing that's pretty horrifying -- while there are some who will take the tour of the naked haunted house all in good fun, you know there are going to be more than a few pervs who see this as an opportunity to get a few cheap thrills without getting into trouble for it. (If that thought alone doesn't scare the heck out of you, then nothing will.)

Personally, I think I'd rather walk into a real haunted house, where there have been valid sightings of apparitions and such, by myself (fully clothed) than to take a crack (no pun intended) at the naked tour. Something tells me seeing a ghost would still be a lot less frightening than viewing a bunch of unsightly people in their birthday suits.

Would you get a thrill out of taking this tour?


Image via Sean MacEntee/Flickr

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