Man Takes Over $5 Million Mansion Because He 'Owns' Everything

You gotta love these people who sneak into mansions and decide they live there and refuse to leave. Remember Andre Barbosa, who broke into a gorgeous $3 million Florida mansion and promptly claimed squatter's rights? For all I know, the dude is still there, sunning by the pool. Barbosa took advantage of a little known law called "Adverse Possession Law" which essentially says if you don't break into a property (these guys usually sneak in and then claim the doors were unlocked), and it's not already occupied, and you put up a sign with the right language, you can pretty much stay there!

But 29-year-old Lamont Butler has decided to try and hang onto "his" $5 million Bethesda, Maryland mansion with an even more outlandish trick. He's claiming that he owns the entire country -- yeah, I didn't say "county." I said "country," as in the entire US of A.


Butler and his fellow squatter, Sakita Holly, took over a 35,000-square-foot mansion in Bethesda, Maryland, that was empty and on the market. Of course he did -- these guys never take over crumbling tenement buildings in a bad part of town.

The mansion has 12 bedrooms, six kitchens and 49 (!!) closets. Additionally, there are two saunas, a beauty salon, a heated pool, and a billiards room. Hey, no one can say Butler doesn't have good taste.

Police were called to the manse after neighbors spied the "owner" there and when cops arrived, the "owner" predictably launched into his spiel about how the mansion was really his.

Butler admitted in court that he entered the manse through an unlocked door (yeah, right), and then claimed the property as his own because, "I claimed the land and everything on the land. Why? Because the land is ours." And why is that? Because Butler says he is a "Moorish American National" and the Moors apparently lived here before modern day Americans did -- and therefore the entire country belongs to him. Something like that.

Anyway, it sounds like Butler's poor father, who should be thrilled to know that the country belongs to his son, wasn't really impressed. "He's going nowhere fast," he sighed in court.

Butler and his girlfriend were found guilty of five charges. They await their sentencing in jail -- which no doubt they own.

What's stopping us all from just moving into a mansion? You game?


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