Students Living in 'Haunted' House Find Something Much Creepier Than a Ghost (VIDEO)

OSU house

Living in a home you believe to be haunted can be a very frightening experience, particularly when you're hearing all sorts of noises and having things happen that you simply can't explain.

When a group of 14 students at Ohio State University told friends about the strange sounds in their house and about cupboards opening by themselves -- they were pretty convinced they had a mischievous ghost on their hands.

But as it turns out, they were dealing with something much scarier than a restless spirit.


After searching the different levels of the home, they uncovered a secret room in their basement where a man had been living, unbeknownst to them. They always thought the door led to a maintenance closet, but when they opened it, they found a room with a double bed, photographs, and even school textbooks.

Check out this video clip to hear the whole story.

Um, totally weird, right? Think about it for a second -- wouldn't you be beyond creeped out if you suddenly realized you'd been sharing your home with a total stranger?

If I had to choose, I honestly think I'd rather find out that my house was legitimately haunted, because at least ghosts have a better chance of being innocent and harmless! It sounds like the poor guy just needed a place to crash, which is why he was secretly "hiding" in the basement, but what if he had turned out to be some kind of a nut job? Or a serial killer? Or a perv? (Yikes.)

But on second thought, now that they kicked him out, what if they start hearing weird sounds coming from that room again? Since they changed the locks, it's not likely that anyone of the human kind will be able to find a way back in there. 

Huh. Something tells me no matter what these dudes do, getting a good night's sleep in that house probably isn't something they should count on.

Would a secret room in your house scare you more than a ghost?


Image via Lantern OSU/YouTube

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