Dog Saves Family From House Fire Just in the Nick of Time

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fireTalk about a dog who deserves a bone. Muggles the dog should get the biggest, juiciest one imaginable after alerting his owners to a dangerous house fire. As it was, the rapidly spreading fire destroyed all of the family's possessions, but thanks to Muggles they at least escaped with their lives.

According to 3 News, Tracy Baird was in her Auckland, New Zealand, home when Muggles got her attention with an unusual bark and then led her to the front of the home. Once there she saw the alarming sight.

She told the station:

I saw an unnatural light, like a flickering bright light, and went into the front bedroom and the corner of the curtain was alight. So I got my daughters out. One was upstairs and one in the lounge. And by the time I got them out, so it would have been seconds, maybe a minute, the house was unenterable. The front windows were smashing out and there was no way you could enter it again.

Baird says she wouldn't have noticed the fire for at least another couple of minutes, and by then it may have been too late. Thank goodness for Muggles and his strong instinct to protect his family.

It's certainly not the first heroic dog story we've seen either. Last week saw the amazing and heartbreaking story of a dog who alerted a 7-month-old baby's parents that he was being abused by a babysitter. We've seen dogs take bullets for their owners, and even save babies from kidnappers. In short, dogs are pretty amazing.  

In my family we debate all the time whether to get one or not. With our busy lives, we have always come down on the side that we just can't handle the extra work and commitment that owning a dog takes, but when I read stories like these I often wonder how we can not bring one into our family. I'm feeling major puppy pangs right now.

Has your dog ever done anything heroic?


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nonmember avatar J

My four legged 'son' has earned his keep. My husband was out of town and he woke me up with that serious bark you NEVER hear, hair standing up at the bedroom door. I grabbed the gun and followed him through the house. Someone had ripped open my sliding glass door, litterally yanking the latch out of the wall and had access to the house. My dog's bark scared whoever it was away. He's the most docile animal but when my husband play beats me and I pretend yell he throws his body between us torn between protecting mom and not biting dad. But push come to shove, he'd do ANYTHING to protect me. LOVE him!

Green... Greenmomma1018

We have two dogs, Germanshepard/Chow and Beagle. Both are our protectors. The beagle is my three yr olds dog and he loves her like she was his puppy.

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