Wrong House Demolished After Sneaky Neighbor Allegedly Switches the Address Numbers (VIDEO)

wrong house demolished

D'oh! Talk about a clever plan gone horribly wrong. A Michigan homeowner is being accused of swapping the address numbers on his house with the one next door in order to save his pad from being demolished.

And guess what? Yep -- it worked. Crews arrived at the neighbor's house with a bulldozer and tore it down. Now the dude who owns it is pretty bent out of shape because he was planning on renting it out starting on October 1. He thinks that the city owes him a new house -- though other residents in the area were actually quite pleased about the little mixup.


Take a look at this video clip to hear what the neighbors had to say.

HA! "I wanted to go down there and give them guys a 12-pack of beer." (Sorry, but it's impossible not to laugh at those words.)

And even though the original house that was scheduled to be torn down was eventually demolished, you gotta give the guy props for trying to save his pad even though his plan was pretty sneaky. (If he actually did switch the numbers, of course. Maybe he's innocent.)

But let's just assume for a second that he did try and pull a fast one on the demo crews. He had to expect repercussions if he got caught making the swap -- or at least you'd think so. His alleged plan definitely backfired in the worst way, but I guess it was worth a shot, right? (Relax. I'm kidding. Sort of.)

Hmm. Regardless of how the wrong house got torn down, the dude who owns it probably should be reimbursed in one way or another -- no matter how much of an eye sore the place was.

But if it was really in that bad of shape, maybe he's better off just taking the 12-pack of beer and calling it even.

Do you think this guy should be punished if he really switched the addresses? And should the owner of the torn down home get a new one from the city?


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