Gisele Bundchen's New House Is Super Eco-Friendly Except for 1 Huge Problem

architectural digestOoh, have you seen Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady's new LA palace? It's featured in this month's Architectural Digest. It has everything: A giant gym, a hangar-sized walk-in closet, a bathroom that makes you feel like you're in a forest, the kind of kitchen that draws families together and makes dreams come true, even a freakin' moat with koi. You have to see the slideshow, especially the bucolic photo of Gisele gathering fresh vegetables into a wicker basket in the garden. Best of all, it's super eco! Oh yes, this is Gisele's house we're talking about. "From the beginning we asked everyone involved in the design and construction, 'How can we make it as sustainable as possible?'" Gisele says. And the answer: Solar panels, composting, a gray-water irrigation system which recycles waste water... No. You know what? I'm gonna stop you right there. I refuse to participate in this farce of eco-fabulousness.


It's great and all that Gisele is trying to reduce her environmental impact with this house, but come on. How eco-friendly can a house this size be? What's it going to take to air condition the thing -- or will they be closing up parts of it during heat waves? It kind of reminds me of when we all found out what an energy devourer Al Gore's house was. I just don't think you get a pat on the back for making your mansion eco-friendly. No gold stars. It should just be a given that if you build something this big, you do everything you can to offset your impact, knowing that you're still sucking up way more resources than is reasonable.

I'm sure Tom and Gisele need plenty of room for entertaining all their guests and relatives. I get that. And I don't begrudge them wanting a big, lavish home. Sign me up for one of those, too! I just don't think we can actually call it eco-friendly.

But hey, good for them for at least trying. If anything, it should nudge everyone else in the market for a fabulously huge manse to try and minimize their resource-sucking ways. Hey Kanye and Kim, let's hear how eco-friendly your how will be.

What do you think of Gisele Bunchen's new house?


Image via Architectural Digest

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