Sarah Silverman's Touching Tribute to Her Dog Will Make Every Pet Owner Laugh, Then Cry

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Sarah SilvermanComedian Sarah Silverman's adopted dog, Duck, died at 19. Sarah penned the most loving and touching tribute to him. Sarah had Duck for 14 years and described that relationship as the "longest" she's ever had. She adopted Duck from a no kill shelter when he was about 5 years old. By the end of his life, Duck was blind and couldn't walk very well, and Sarah carried him around in a sling like a baby. It truly shows you the bond that can be made between human and animal. But one of the most touching and sad things about Sarah's ode to Duck is that she says he was her "only experience of maternal love." Wow. I don't know much about Sarah's history, but I'm guessing she's referring to not having any children, and how Duck was her child, her only experience of feeling maternal. But it also sounds suspiciously like Duck was her family -- her true family.

Sarah said she knew it was time to "let go" of Duck after he stopped eating, and became skin and bones. She wrote:

I couldn’t figure out this hunger strike. Duck had never been political before.

Oh that Sarah! Somehow always managing to find the humor in the worst situations. Supported by her boyfriend and sister, Sarah called the doctor to her home to have Duck pass over the rainbow bridge in peace. She wrote:
I held him close [and] told him how loved he was, and thanked him for giving me such happiness and for his unwavering companionship and love ... Then finally, when his body lost its heat, and I could sense the doctor thinking about the imminent rush hour traffic, I handed him over ... 14 years. My longest relationship. My only experience of maternal love. My constant companion. My best friend. Duck.
You truly do get the feeling that Duck was Sarah's most important relationship. Certainly animals can be that way. I myself had a cat for 16 years -- she also outlasted all of my other relationships. I even lived with her longer than I lived with my parents. When she left this world, it truly was as if my best friend had left.
The thing about pets -- they don't leave you (unless they get lost). They don't betray you. They don't lie, don't cheat, and they love you even if you've had a shitty day and snap at them. This is why we love them. Yes, they CAN be more loving, reliable, and trustworthy than humans. In fact, they usually are.
This doesn't mean that humans are bad -- but the idea that we're at the very top of the species hierarchy ... well, I've never bought it. Animals don't commit the atrocities against each other that humans do. And animals don't commit them against us in the way we routinely and cruelly commit them against animals.
I guess we "rule" the planet because we're capable of being so cruel and they're not? Not buying it. Hopefully, someday we will figure out that their way is the better way.
Have you ever had a pet who was your most important relationship?

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peanu... peanutsmommy1

we just put my 14 year old cat, George, to sleep about 2 weeks ago. It was by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do. He was my first baby, long before I thought of husbands or children, he was there.

Daniele Springer

I had my maine coon for 22 years before I had to put him to sleep. Literally grew up with him. Nobody can ever fill the special place he had in my heart.


I am an animal lover, especially cats.  This is such a touching story.  My heart goes out to her...I loved his name:  Duck. 

katyd... katydidsmom

I put my maine coon cat to sleep 10 years ago, after he had kidney  failure. He followed me through 3 states and I loved him dearly. It was interesting that right before he died is when I met my husband. My cat had never liked men, but he loved my husband. It was as if he felt it was time to move on now that I was happy with a man he approved of. 

gemin... geminishadow79

Those maine coons seem to have longer life space than most cats!  Maybe because they are so awesome.  I had mine until she was 20.  I didn't want to let her go.  She had been mine pretty much my entire life!  Nothing ever happened to me that she wasn't there for.   When I went to college she got so depressed she lost all the hair on her tail, so I ended up moving her to campus with me, which was against the rules.  She got better though.  All her hair grew back and she was fine, she just missed me.  She was my best friend It killed me to have to let her go :(  

FireM... FireMoonGypsy

The cat I grew up with, Rascal, still lives at my parents house. He is 18 and he isn't looking good, so I'm preparing because more than likely it will soon be his time to move on. 

I'll never understand the people who view animals as "things" and not as part of a family. They are like forever-children; they might make a few messes here and there, but they offer unconditional love and loyalty. I love their innocence, their good spirit. 

My heart goes out to Sarah Silverman, and another other person who has lost a best furry friend.

soon2... soon2bmomof2grs

We lost our oldest cat, Trouble, earlier this year. He had been sick and was finally at the point where he could no longer eat. He lived 20 years - I'm 26 so almost all my life, I still remember when my dad brought him home. He had been driving down RT60 and noticed a mom and baby kittens dead, Trouble was the only one alive so he stopped and picked him up. My dad and Trouble were always close, Trouble was my brother :) My dad was sick and we figured the two would end up passing away close together. Trouble passed in April and my dad passed in July.

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