5 Easy Redecorating Tips That Won't Break the Bank (PHOTOS)

Target ChairRedecorating the home can be an expensive pain in the butt. Sure, everything looks so perfect and pristine when it's organized in just the right way on my home board on The Prowl. However, getting those hypothetical couches and dreamy curtains into my apartment is NOT exactly easy.

After recently changing roommates, to say my place was in need of a style upgrade is an understatement. Roommate #1 left with all the living room and kitchen furniture, and all I was left with was the lingering worry that our mouse would come back from hiding. (Don't worry, he's been absent for the past three months.) Gotta love New York.

SO, it was time to open the wallet and get some new goodies. The good news? I was able to find pieces that added just the right amount of flair, are TOTALLY high-functioning, and ridiculously inexpensive. Check out 5 ways I spruced up my place without breaking the bank, here:


How do you redecorate without spending too much money?


Image via Emily Abbate