5-Year-Old Recovering From Cancer May Lose Beloved Swing Set Because of Silly Rules (VIDEO)

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swingA 5-year-old boy named Weston has had a pretty rough time over the past few months, considering he's been in and out of the hospital while undergoing treatment for lymphoma.

And in order to help ease the pain a little and allow him to think about something other than the cancer, his dad built him a swing set and put a small trampoline in their yard -- you know, for Weston to play on like a normal kid.

Seems innocent enough, right? Well, apparently the swing set violates the homeowners' association rules for the condominium complex where the family lives. And now the HOA wants to remove the swing set -- which will break this poor little boy's heart and give him one less thing to help lift his spirits.

Take a look at this video to hear more of the story.

OMG. This has to be one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. And you'd think since the boy's grandfather owns the complex, the HOA wouldn't have even bothered trying to remove a swing used by his sick grandkid!

Actually, regardless of who owns the place, what kind of heartless people have the nerve to suggest taking away a swing and trampoline from a kid who's been fighting for his life? Ugh. This sounds like another case of people exercising their position of power simply because they can. (And that just isn't right. People can be such asshats sometimes.)

Hopefully the board will reconsider, especially given how accommodating Weston's grandfather is being by saying he's willing to build a community playground for the place if that's what it takes.

This poor kid has fought enough of a battle in his short few years of life already to be faced with losing the one thing he has to look forward to when he's not lying in a hospital bed.

Do you agree with the HOA sticking to the rules, or should they let Weston keep his swing and trampoline?


Image via ABC7

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sylph... sylph_ironlight

While I completely empathize with this family and their courageous little boy, the HOA rules are there for a reason. You are made aware of the rules before you move in (which I know can be hard given that things can change in an instant, such as an illness). If they were to let this family skirt the rules (even if it was for a good reason), there would be nothing stopping others from trying to get out of obeying the rules.

I think a community playground would be a wonderful idea.

2baby... 2babymomma

I feel for this family but really if he wasn't sick this article would be the complete opposite

the4m... the4mutts

Umm... its a condo. You have no rights to alter their property. The only part you own, is the part you live in.

If you dont like HOA, dont live in one. Simple.

Senia... Seniahmom

HOAs should be illegal. They are frightening.

nonmember avatar Suni

Having a sob story does not exempt people from rules.

Movie... Moviebuff

Yes it sucks the kid is sick but his father knew it was not allowed rules are rules dont live in in HOA places.

ScottandRonda Davis

The Grandfather doesn't own the complex, he owns the condo. The son is renting the place from his Dad. Not sure where you got that he owned the complex.

Todd Vrancic

HOAs are just an excuse for the Mrs. Cavitzes of this world to have a purpose in life.  Remember Bewitched?

Happy... Happydad73

What kind of person just puts up a swingset without checking the HOA rules?!? Why not put the blame where it belongs and stop trying to find every excuse to skirt the rules!!

Sara Cunningham

Rules are rules. They shouldn't have built the set in the first place, and it's not that hard to drive the kid to a damn park. If he has the energy to play in their backyard, he has the energy for a car ride to get to a different play area.

If this kid didn't have cancer, you'd be whining about how entitled these parents are.

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