Woman's 'Dream Patio' Becomes Her Worst Nightmare After Contractor Makes Off With Her Savings (VIDEO)

Michelle Beutler

Every time I hear a story about someone getting screwed out of their hard earned cash by a contractor, it makes me more and more leery of doing any sort of renovation to my house.

Take Michelle Beutler, for example -- a woman who saved up her money for 10 years in order to have a flagstone patio put into her backyard. As you will hear in this video, she hired a landscaper and he completed the job -- but after he cashed her almost $5,500 check, things went into the crapper pretty quickly.


Just wait until you hear how this dude conned her!


Doesn't stuff like this make your blood boil? And can you believe this guy wasn't even licensed?

Ugh. We've been talking about finishing our bonus room and basement and putting in a nice stone patio down the road. But I'm so worried that something like this will happen to us and we'll wind up getting duped.

It just seems almost impossible to know who you can trust when hiring someone. The only way we'll ever bite the bullet is if we get great referrals from friends or, at the very least, solid references from the contractors in question. But what if they turn out to be shady too? (You never know.)

And I'll go absolutely nuts if we wind up getting mixed up with someone who leaves us broke and with a huge mess on our hands -- especially considering how much dough we'll have to fork over to achieve the look we want with our house.

Sigh. Sometimes I really think it would be easier to just pack up and move to a home that has every single feature we're hoping to eventually have in this one. At least that way we won't have to get any potentially dishonest third parties involved. (Except for the realtor. Oh boy.)

Have you ever had an issue with a contractor?

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