10 Best Small Towns in America: Is Yours on the List? (PHOTOS)

Best Small Towns to Live InAs much as I love living in a big city, I think there's something great to be said for the adorable qualities of small-town life. You know, driving around and seeing tons of people you know, walking into the grocery store and knowing the butcher by name, and of course, the unique town traditions that make your town special.

CNNMoney recently conducted a survey evaluating the top 10 best small towns in America. The criteria? No, not the taste of their signature apple pie or the friendliness of the mayor. Instead, each town was evaluated on their income levels, population, crime levels, house prices, and number of gardens and parks.

Spanning from the east to west coasts, check out the top 10 small towns to live in America, here:

Have you been to any of these towns? If you had a choice to move to one, which one would you move to?


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katyd... katydid620

I've been to Apex, NC. It's adorable and actually considering a move there!

nonmember avatar Michelle

Obviously the author has never actually been to Chanhassen, MN--while a great city, it is hardly a small town....it's a Mpls suburb of 25,000+ people! My town of Hamburg is a small town...population of 500 proud Germans!

Lobelia Lobelia

Michelle--that's exactly what I was thinking!

Jamie McAfee

#10 cracks me up, because West Goshen is the home of Bam Margera, of Viva La Bam fame, and I can't imagine that it's a "quaint and quiet town" with him and his buddies living there, lol.

godly... godlymomof1

None of these are small towns. Small towns to me is a population of under 1,000.

MizzD... MizzDeeDee

Vienna, Virginia is NOT a small town. I live next to Mineral, Virgina. It has 400 people in the town. THAT is a small town.

Parks... Parksey27

Yeah, I am thinking none of these are actually small towns. Louisville CO has a population of around 20,000. That isn't small. I grew up in a town of 500 people. Everyone knew everyone, that's a small town. I personally hated small town living. Give me the big bad city any day!

Beth McSparin

A town isn't really based on their population. Its based on structures parks and many other things. Cities also are lable cities based on the amount of building. Population of 500 doesn't make you a small town it makes you a village or community.


WyoAr... WyoArmyMom

Actually populations do determine if a village/town or whatever you want to call it is a city or not. That population is 10,000. I wouldn't pick Louisville, CO a small town. It is basically in a little hole between Boulder & Denver - It USED to be a very small quaint town but is urban sprawl like the rest of the front range.

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