Hilarious Note From 'Landlord' Tells Tenants They'll Have to PAY to Use the Elevator (PHOTO)

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Have you ever been super frustrated with a landlord or building manager? Well then, you'll laugh out LOUD at this hilarious note posted on a building elevator that's going viral today. This message, which was uploaded onto Reddit, appears to be from a landlord informing all tenants that they'll have to pay to use the elevator in the building.

Yup, an additional fee of $35 a month after the first 60 uses! Can you even imagine?! I will say, I do appreciate the writer's hint at comedy, noting that indeed taking the stairs are free.

Was your first reaction this has GOTTA be a joke, right? Yeah, mine too. And thankfully -- it is.

When it comes to apartment, condominium, or any other sort of multi-family housing -- dealing with the upper management can always be oodles of fun. Heck, one day your landlord is telling you that you have to put your recycling in the container near the waste chute, and the next you're getting a note on your door that you're TOTALLY DOING IT WRONG (in all CAPS, of course).

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It most certainly wouldn't surprise me to get some sort of random note like this in the building that I live in. Granted I live in a third-floor walk-up without an elevator. However, management companies do things like this all the time, and usually it feels like they're doing it just to get a rise out of their tenants.

Thankfully, like I mentioned, this particular note was just a joke. In fact, a representative from the apartment building called Huffington Post to let them know that the sign was a prank pulled by a resident. Ha, and here I was thinking I had silly neighbors. 

Has a neighbor ever pulled a prank on you? Do you hate dealing with your landlord?


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nonmember avatar Chris

We own, so no landlord. When I was in college I lived in a crappy apt complex that used to come into your place and take something of value if you were more than 10 days late. In addition to the late fee! Most commonly taken items were tvs, game consoles, computers, and laptops. Completely illegal but since their customers were broke college students just scrapping by, they had the perfect victim.

worki... workingmama86

That's a load of shit. I lived in an apartment building where we had 2 elevators.. and using them made more sense... I couldn't imagine not having that option. Carrying groceries, laundry baskets, furniture, etc, is a pain when going up stairs. 

jalaz77 jalaz77

^^^You guys read the story?? It's a joke...

nonmember avatar Chris

@jalazz yes, I did read it. The writer asked a question.

IHear... IHeartCake

I don't trust my landlords; it's not a good feeling.  I hope we get our entire deposit back when we move, because they are the biggest cheapskates.  I wish we could afford to buy a small property.

the4m... the4mutts

Im the prankster neighbor.

I put large zip ties on my neighbor's SUV, on the axels. So the zip ties whacked against the tires as they drove.

They kept me up for 3 days straight, partying non-stop. So they deserved it.

Shoulda seen them freak out when they got on the main road and heard the racket the zip ties made!! It was great. They spent a few days under the hood trying to find the problem (dumb college age girls with no mechanical experience) and even bought new belts for a few things before they found the ties. Bitches haha

nonmember avatar megan

the4mutts that is SO AWESOME and hilarious

Lianne Beck

I had a Manager at my appts living below me. Her boyfriend put glue in my locks . I would also get random notes on my door. I lived alone never bothered anyone..I wrote a letter to the owner and filed a report w/police..Needless to say they got the boot! It was a nightmare..

nymom13 nymom13

Thank God I own. I had a few asshole landlords and don't miss the days of renting at all.

Terri Randall

My previous apartment manager charges us $75 for paying our rent 3 hours past the deadline. I am trying to buy a house now so I don't have to worry about that anymore.

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