World's Largest Food Fight Brings Out the Kid in All of Us -- Wait 'Til You See! (PHOTOS)

tomato, la tomatina, spain, food fightsOnce you hit adulthood, there are certain things you just can't do anymore. Sadly, getting involved in epic, gooey food fights lands at the top of that list, right next to never washing your hands. So what's a grown-up to do when the desire to hurl some soft, harmless fruit at someone arises? Well, hopefully channel your energy into doing something more positive with less clean-up.

Then again, if that doesn't take, you could always pack a bag and head to Spain. Don't worry, we're not banishing you from the country for poor manners. But if it's a food fight you crave, then you should go to the tiny town of Bunol for what they call "La Tomatina." This normally quiet town near Valencia erupts annually for this, the world's largest food fight.


People travel from all over the world to participate in this pay-to-play festival. We wouldn't suggest wearing white though, since throughout the event, more than 130 tons of tomatoes are tossed, chucked, and squashed. On the plus side, your suitcase will be a lot lighter when you pack to go home!

tomato, la tomatina, spain, food fights

This event is all about fun for fun's sake. Its origins date back to the mid-1940s, when a group of youngsters -- peeved not to be included in a parade hosted by adults -- got their revenge by pelting the parade with rotten fruit. Now the exclusive provenance of grown-ups, it's the perfect annual excuse to bring out the messy kid who lives inside us all! 

Would you ever go to a festival celebrating food fights?


Images via Instagram; ShortCHINESEguy/Flickr

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