Teacher Has All Her Valuables Taken to the Dump After House Repossessed by Accident (VIDEO)

wrong home repossessed

Can you imagine coming home one day and opening your door only to find that every single item in your house is suddenly missing and all the rooms are empty? That's exactly what happened to a woman named Nikki Bailey when she returned home after visiting her best friend in the hospital.

It turns out a repossession company had emptied her entire home and taken all of her belongings to the dump -- because they made a mistake and got the wrong house.


They were instructed to remove everything from the house on Godbey Heights in Logan, West Virginia. Nikki actually lives on Godbey street -- and the Godbey Heights address isn't even in the same town!

How in the heck does something like this happen?

As you will hear in this video, this poor woman lost everything -- including her photographs, clothing, furniture, college diploma, and even her certificate for winning Teacher of the Year.


How freakin' horrible is this?!? OMG. I feel SO bad for her.

And even if she does wind up being compensated for most of the things that were taken from her -- there are certain possessions you simply can't put a price on. How in the heck do you repay someone for taking their family photos, memorabilia, and other pieces of their life that simply can't be replaced?

If something like this happened to me, I honestly don't know how I'd contain my rage. Sure, it would be nice to be handed a fat check and purchase brand new furniture, but I can't even imagine trying to live with the idea of all of my son's pictures and other keepsakes from my life sitting at the bottom of a dump somewhere.

This poor woman definitely deserves some kind of justice, but honestly, I'm not sure any sum of money will ever repair the irreversible damage that has been done here. With any luck, the company learned from their mistake so something like this never happens to anyone again. Stealing one person's life is bad enough, don't you think?

What would you do if this happened to you?


Image via WSAZ

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