How to Save When Booking Your Winter Family Vacation

save moneyWe know, you’re just getting the kids back to school and you refuse to admit that summer is nearing its end. But now is the time families are booking their November and December holiday trips, believe it or not.

If you want your trips to see loved ones filled with ho, ho, ho laughter and not "harrumph, there’s no money left for presents" tears, you should probably keep reading.

See, there’s a science to finding the best air fares. Mark Drusch, CheapOair’s chief supplier relations officer, says Monday or Tuesday morning, between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. ET, is the best time to find cheaper flights, because airlines have updated their inventories overnight.


Some more tips:

  1. If you’re booking a trip for four, be sure to search for individual or two seat pairings, as well."There might only be two seats left at the cheaper price," Drusch says, "but if you search for four seats, you’ll only get the higher price. So, there’s a chance you could at least get two of your flights for less. It means more work, but it can add up to a lot of savings."
  2. Use comparison sites. "You can compare everything across the board immediately," he says, adding that agents are always available to help you across all the airlines -- not just one.
  3. Sign up your children for frequent flier programs. "If your kids fly at least once a year on the same airline, your kids' miles will continue to be active and grow," Drusch says. "And it costs you nothing."
  4. Looking to save on airline baggage fees? Consider getting an airline-affiliated credit card. "With the bigger carriers --United, Delta, etc. -- if you have their credit card you usually get one bag free," Drusch says, adding that other airlines will make you pay for checked bags regardless.

Do you have any tips for saving on family vacations?

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This post was written by Lesley Kennedy, the senior managing editor at coupon and money-saving site

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