4 Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog From Disney's 'Super Buddies' Trainers (VIDEOS)

super buddiesThe adorable puppies in Disney's Buddies films are back, this time with super powers in Super Buddies. The DVD is set to release tomorrow, and I was lucky enough not only to get a sneak peek at the movie (super cute, and my kids loved it!), but also to meet one of the dogs, who plays Rosebud, and talk to his trainer.

Yes, his -- she is actually played be male puppy named Cooper. Hollywood is tricky like that. Another trick -- there's more than one Rosebud. There are actually 4-6 puppies who play each character, resulting in between 20-30 dogs used for each film. That means a lot of dogs to train.


Beyond the squee-inducing adorableness when watching these movies, the big questions everyone has are -- how do they get the dogs to do all of this amazing stuff, and could our dogs do the same?

While we don't necessarily need our dogs to have super powers, we do often need help to get them to do the basics, and these movie trainers certainly know what they're doing. Check out the following videos from one of Disney's trainers that show how the Buddies were trained and step-by-step instructions you can use to train your dog too ... no cape required.

Teach Your Dog to Stay

 Teach Your Dog to Sit

Teach Your Dog to Lay Down

Teach Your Dog to Speak

And if you can handle anymore adorableness, here's a look at the Super Buddies movie. Warning: If you don't have a dog, you're going to want one after watching this.

How do you train your dog?


Image via Julie Ryan Evans


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