Get a Touch of Melissa Gorga's Home Style Without Going Totally Gorga

melissa gorgaHaven't you always wanted to live in Chez Gorga? I mean, talk about Italian-inspired opulence by way of Jersey. Melissa Gorga's style is so ... so ... what's the word? I'll let you figure that out. But if you need a little inspiration, feast your eyes on this: Melissa Gorga is selling her home decor and furniture online on August 27. Yes, if you've ever wanted to live like a Real Housewife of New Jersey, now's your chance. Just a warning, though. Melissa's aesthetic is not for the timid. She's unabashedly gilded and scrolled. So if you don't already have that look from top to bottom, here's how to werk a little Gorga into your home without looking too, you know, Gorga-a-Go-Go.


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