Get a Touch of Melissa Gorga's Home Style Without Going Totally Gorga

Adriana Velez | Aug 23, 2013 Home & Garden

melissa gorgaHaven't you always wanted to live in Chez Gorga? I mean, talk about Italian-inspired opulence by way of Jersey. Melissa Gorga's style is so ... so ... what's the word? I'll let you figure that out. But if you need a little inspiration, feast your eyes on this: Melissa Gorga is selling her home decor and furniture online on August 27. Yes, if you've ever wanted to live like a Real Housewife of New Jersey, now's your chance. Just a warning, though. Melissa's aesthetic is not for the timid. She's unabashedly gilded and scrolled. So if you don't already have that look from top to bottom, here's how to werk a little Gorga into your home without looking too, you know, Gorga-a-Go-Go.

  • Airy Layout & Pale Colors


    What keeps Melissa's ornate style from getting too over the top are all the pale neutrals, like the gray walls and pale upholstery. Notice that the room isn't crowded, either.

  • Living Large


    I just want to point out that part of what makes Gorga's decor work (as shown in the home she just sold) is the scale. She's got high ceilings and plenty of square footage so the ornate furniture doesn't look too fussy. This is key. If you don't have those ceilings or floor space, pull way back on the details.

  • Similar Shapes


    These are pieces from the collection. If you've got one extravagant element, like that mirrored sconce, you can help make it fit in better with the rest of your decor by repeating that oval shape in other decor and furniture in the room. Ditto the stripes in that chair or the pattern on that dresser. Repeating patterns and motifs give a room coherence.

  • Touch of Decadence in Bathroom


    The best part of this bathroom is the chandelier, which is the last thing you'd expect in a bathroom. It's such a bold statement, you kind of need to go one way or the other, either full froo froo as seen in Melissa's bathroom, or total minimalist, in an all white or black and white bathroom.

  • Twist in the Kitchen


    I think you could pull off those crazy ice cream parlour chairs in Melissa's kitchen with dark granite countertops and black painted cabinets for a modern twist.

  • Too Much of a Good Thing?


    Are these bar stools and this rug going to work together in the same room? Maybe ... if your room is full Gorga. Otherwise, I'd keep this rug out of the kitchen -- use it in the living room and add a few other pieces with dark colors to harmonize. Or the white stools with that gray repeated in the cabinet color.

  • Match Your Metals


    Another way to make the Gorga look work without looking garish is to match metals -- like the mirror's frame and the hardware of the chandelier here. Keep colors and materials in the same family.

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