Grocery Shopping Trip Gets Way More Interesting When Amazing Flash Mob Breaks Into Song (VIDEO)

Have you ever wished you were grocery shopping and suddenly found yourself in the middle of an opera? Well, wish no more! It happened to those attending the gala -- I mean, shopping at the gourmet fresh market Mariano's in Chicago. People who looked suspiciously like regular ol' workers were cleaning, putting out food, and slicing meats when Laaaaaaaaa!!! Suddenly they were singing Verdi's La Traviata. Happens every day, right?


The "workers" were really opera singers from Chicago's da Corneto opera house. Hey, opera is Italian, and Mariano's is Italian, so the two go together like spaghetti and meatballs.

The shoppers look somewhat shocked -- a few look bored -- a few don't even seem to know anything is happening -- and most whip out their cellphones to record the whole thing because, ya know, if they don't record it, it simply didn't happen.

Check it out:

It seems like there are so many "flash mobs" these days that one can happen anywhere, any time. I'm sort of shocked I haven't seen one yet! And bummed.

I kind of teared up there at the end, when everyone burst into applause. Maybe it's the onions.

This seems like a great new way to get your company's name out there though. Better than watching a commercial.

And opera always makes me hungry.

Have you ever seen a real life flash mob?


Image via Mariano'sFreshMarket/YouTube

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