Despicable Man Throws 3 Puppies Over a Fence Because They Were 'Annoying' (VIDEO)

PuppyThe things people do when they think they won't get caught absolutely astound me. Whether or not you're a dog person, you'll surely cringe at the actions of an Italian runner caught on surveillance camera from this past Sunday night. After a few dogs "annoyed him" during his run, he had the audacity to throw the puppies over a fence. Well actually, throw is an understatement. He chucked them. He even threw one into a parked trailer.

Words ... they escape me. The pure fact that someone could have it inside of them to be SO cruel to an innocent dog, it's mortifying.

Here, watch the horrifying footage for yourself. Skip ahead to around 3:15 to see the dogs go flying:


As if it's not hard enough to watch the first dog land and sit there almost motionless, it kills me to see the other puppy hit the parked trailer. The man clearly has no heart. Many of us have been on a run or walking down the street, frightened when a dog comes running. But regardless, I would never pick up a defenseless puppy and do something this wretched to it. Never. These dogs were not attacking him. They were simply wandering in his general vicinity.

According to Huffington Post, the puppies suffered some injuries but all survived. Police have identified the puppy-thrower, and the dogs are currently being cared for by the owner of the property where he threw them.

Are you in disbelief about this man's actions?


Image via mudeth/Flickr

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