6 Celebrities Who Still Live With Their Parents (PHOTOS)

Taylor LautnerYou'd think with how much money they make, most celebrities would jump at the chance to own a spacious home of their own where they can spread out and have a little privacy.

And that's why it's so surprising to hear that many famous folks still live with their parents even though they're grown adults who should've left the nest quite some time ago. (Cut the cord, already!)

Heck, I was out the door at 18 and only came back for one brief summer -- how about you?

Apparently some celebs just can't get enough of mom and pop -- either that or they must be afraid of the dark or don't know how to do their own laundry.

Check out the photos below to see six celebrities who still live with their parents.


Image via Splash

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CLM3345 CLM3345

I'm guessing it's probably more to do with the fact they travel so much and are rarely at home, that they don't feel the need to purchase a home they're never at. JMO

Monke... Monkeymama930

Don't really see the big deal and way to bash them. Bash if celebrities are not family centered enough and now bash when they are family centered.

Anita Kulvinskas

Bradley Cooper lives with his Mom because her husband and his father recently passed away and he says he will live with his Mother as long as she needs him. He had stated he has been there two years and I believe she is in her 80's. Saw him on a talk show recently and this world needs more men and sons like him!

Kimberly M. Raymond-Jensen

More power to them for living with their parents. This day in age, it is not uncommon for kids to take care of their parents as they get older. Nothing wrong with that! If I was super rich I would have a big enough house to live and take care of my parents. Not that they need it yet, but as my father's disease gets worse and he gets older, I know my mom will need all the help she can get! Also, maybe they want to just as normal of a life as they can and feel safer living with their parents, now matter what age they are.

jenni... jenniferk79

Thanks for posting that info re: Bradley Cooper, Anita. When I saw him I thought it didn't really mesh with what it seems the author is trying to imply about the people on this list (immature slacker who can't "cut the cord," her words). He is at an age where many adult children often have to merge residences with a parent (or parents) due to old age, disabilities, or even sheer lonliness after one has passed.

As far as the others on the list who are younger, so what? You couldn't have paid me to have lived with my parents when I was at that age but if they can get along, and it saves them money or keeps them company then more power to them. I get tired of all the shaming of young people (or not so young people) who "still" live with their parents or other older relatives. Things aren't the same as they used to be, it's not as easy to make a living wage straight out of {whatever your highest level of schooling is} without any downtime. If everyone in the living arrangement is contributing to the household (monetarily or otherwise) at a level that is agreeable for everyone involved, then what's the problem? Maybe they really enjoy living together, maybe it's mutually beneficial, maybe the kids are the ones actually paying the mortgage, who cares? I don't really find this particularly interesting or scandalous, and from the looks of it I'm not alone.

nonmember avatar How 'bout me.

It's a pity that you didn't get along with your family, Mary. I hope your own children have more appreciation for you when they're grown.

nonmember avatar Ceba

Just because you want YOUR kids to leave the nest at 18 like you did, doesn't mean everyone else feels like that. Multi-generational households have been the norm in many places and if they love each other and it works for them, what business is it of yours? So they love and support each other in different ways, be it financial, emotional, or physical (in the case of aging parents).

Kim McNiel

You are forgetting someone, Selena Gomez does too, and why wouldn't she now she has her little sister Gracie in her life now?

nonmember avatar Jake

I officially condemn this website, you guys are so judgmental and create problem where they are not necessary like really some people are close to there parents and actually want to live with them to help and just be there for support and you guys act like its a bad thing...just sad and its called cafe"mom"...y'all should act more classy and stop being such jerks.

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