Hero Dog Saves Little Girl From Snake Attack but Sadly Loses His Eye (VIDEO)

dog loses eye

OMG. You're going to feel all warm and fuzzy after hearing about "Psycho," a dog who saved a little girl from a rattlesnake -- even though it wound up costing him an eye.

Psycho's owner, Martha Rodridguez, lives in the mountains of Texas, and her granddaughters, Maya and Guadalupe Delarosa, were outside making mud pies. Suddenly they heard hissing and rattling -- and Maya looked down to see a two-foot rattlesnake by her foot. It was curled up and ready to attack her. That's when the tiny but very brave 10-pound poodle-chihuahua mix leaped into action.


As you will hear in this video clip, he got in between the snake and Maya and wound up taking the bite for her.


I cannot get over how sweet and amazing this little guy is. Isn't it incredible how he protected that little girl the way he did? It's like his natural instincts took over. He immediately knew she was in danger and he was not about to let that snake harm her.

And even though the veterinarian sounded hopeful in the video about Psycho's eye healing from the wound since the snake bit the inside of his eyelid and not the eyeball, there was too much damage. The poor thing is scheduled to have surgery next week to remove the eye.

I know he's a dog and all, but something tells me Psycho won't miss that eye one bit -- because it was a small sacrifice to make for saving the life of a little girl he obviously loves very much. As his owner said, he'd probably do it all over again if he were presented with the same terrifying situation.

Are you surprised that this little dog came to the rescue?


Image via KCENTV

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