A Cat Owner's Worst Nightmare Comes True

catIt was like a scene out of a creepy Alfred Hitchcock film. A woman living alone dies suddenly and unexpectedly and no one knew it happened. And in the weeks before her body is discovered, her hungry cats gnaw away at her corpse. It's literally the stuff of nightmares -- especially for all the single cat owners out there.


It sounds like an urban legend, but it's totally true. Janet Veal, just 56, died of natural causes in her home in England, but wasn't discovered for quite some time. After her mailbox overflowed, her neighbors alerted the police that she hadn't been seen for awhile. Police used a ladder to climb up to an unlocked window and what they found was truly disturbing.

There were several dead animals, presumably who died from starvation, and Veal herself, who had portions of her body missing. What a sad scene. You can't help but feel horribly for this pet lover and her beloved pets. This is truly a nightmare scenario and one that I am sure has crossed the mind of many pet owners who live alone.

There was even a Sex and the City episode about it. Fans may recall that Miranda, single at the time, feared that if she died in her apartment, her cat would munch away at her before anyone realized she was dead. How else would it survive? It's gruesome, bizarre, and scary -- but certainly not beyond the realm of possibility, as Veal's story proves. Still, the thought of being eaten by your beloved dog or cat is just horrifying.

Have you ever heard of a pet doing this?


Image via Jason Scragz/Flickr

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