8 Amazing Things From H&M's New Home Line We Love (PHOTOS)

H&M HomeI've told you before that I'm a little challenged when it comes to home decorating. Basically, I need all the inspiration I can get, and let me tell you what has me majorly inspired now -- H&M's new home line.

That's right, the retailer of discount duds has launched a home line in the United States (previously you could only get it in Europe). You know what that means? Trendy, fashionable, and inexpensive home goods! While it may not be Restoration Hardware quality, not everything needs to be. For fun pops of pattern and color accents, this stuff is perfect, and the prices are unbelievably low. Right now, you can only get the goods online, but they're promising that four stores in the U.S. will begin carrying them this fall.

There's a lot to choose from, but here are eight of my favorite finds to give you a taste of the possibilities that await you.

Are you excited about H&M's home line?

Image via H&M

  • Shower Curtain


    $17.95; H&M

    How awesome is this pretty pink shower curtain? Really awesome, especially for $17.95!

  • Decorative Letters


    $12.95; H&M

    Adorable L-O-V-E Letters would look great in a nursery. Just $12.95 for all four.

  • Pillow Cover


    $5.95; H&M

    Pillows can really pep up a room, and this one is super chic. The price is right at just $5.95.

  • Floral Curtains


    $34.95; H&M

    These pretty curtains will brighten up any room. Two panels come in a pack for $34.95.

  • Table Runner


    $9.95; H&M

    Setting a pretty table is easy with this fabulous floral table runner that goes for less than $10.

  • Tea Towels


    $4.95; H&M


    Cute and quirky, these $4.95 tea towels add character to any kitchen.

  • Decorative Hooks


    $5.95; H&M

    These adorable hooks are perfect for a kid's bathroom, bedroom, or mudroom. Two come in a pack for $5.95.

  • Dish Cloth


    $2.95; H&M

    These sweet little dish towels make perfect hostess gifts, and at just $2.95, the price is right.

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