47 Strange & Disgusting Things Puppies Have Eaten

labradoodle puppy
This is Reggie
See this puppy pictured ... This is our dog Reggie. He may look cute -- but inside there is a devious mind plotting to tear apart every shoe in our house. (I've sadly buried my favorite wedge sandals and a pair of my daughter's sneakers.) This little fur-ball makes us pay every day for lazily leaving our bags open ... by sneakily taking item-by-item out, hiding in a corner, and going to town on whatever it may be. He's eaten everything from a snack container filled with goldfish (taken from a camp bag) to a tampon (unused, thankyouverymuch) to a phone charger.

Apparently EVERYTHING is tasty to this little guy. However, I'm happy to say I'm not the only one with a mischievous puppy. I asked some friends if their dogs have given them similar grief ... and their answers will have you in stitches!


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1. My current dog broke into the fridge and ate the left over turkey on the day after Thanksgiving. The fridge was CLOSED, he opened it with his nose! My last dog would eat the crotches out of my jeans ... gross --Erica


2. Josie chewed through our La-Z-Boy recliner. The seat was gone. COMPLETELY! Just the springs and coils were left --Dudley

3. My husband had a dog that ate an entire chocolate cake that was left on the table, a tube of Neosporin, and the arms of a chair (she ate the fabric and stuffing but left the wood frame and nails.) --Erika

4. My couches. Took HUGE bites out of the arms on them and shredded them. Also the cat litter box ... Oh and can't forget them finding that ONE spot in the yard where something dead must be -- and not only chewing on it -- but ROLLING in it. Pheeeewwww --Risa

5. A one-pound bag of candy corn. My dad brought it back from the states when we were living in England in the 80's. She ate it all and barfed orange all over the light gray carpet in our rented house ...

candy corn

... And my mom's current dog ate an entire corn cob. It literally almost killed her. --Amy

6. I left the dog in the kitchen behind gates when I went to work ... I came home to find the dog in the living room and a hole chewed through both sides of the wall. --Kevin

baby powder7. My childhood dog really rebelled when left at home alone. Just hated it. We usually would bribe him to be good with big juicy bones from the butcher, which is why he was the fattest beagle on the block, but it didn't always work. Once, my mother had just -- I mean that day -- had the entire house re-carpeted. We went out to dinner that night and came home to a baby powder explosion. Somehow, for some reason, he had taken a large container of powder and flung it all over the house. It was like a snow storm in almost every downstairs denturesroom. You just don't know how much baby powder is packed in one of those things. My mother chased him around the house for at least 30 minutes, threatening to send him back to the ASPCA the entire time. That dog also had a penchant for eating my father's dentures. Two, possibly three pairs, became chew toys. --Kelly

8. Our dog, Khyber, used to open the fridge regularly and eat what he wanted -- chicken, hot dogs, a stick of butter, whatever ... a childproof lock was no deterrent. Boris ate OUR WOOD DECK rails ... a rusty nail (he threw it up) ... a spigot ... and half a raccoon!!! --Bari


9. My favorite black flats, a copy of Mansfield Park, an issue of Entertainment Weekly, the label off a pill bottle -- and I can't tell you how many tissues. So. Many. Tissues. AND I had another dog that swallowed a buffalo chicken wing whole and also ate a fun size Snickers bar with the wrapper on. --Nicole

Mansfield Park

10.  gorilla glueGorilla Glue

      A full shoe

     The leg of a couch

     2 lbs of raw chicken

     15 hairbrushes

     More than 100 pencil erasers, metal included

     3 sunglasses ...

Plus he manages to get my bras and bring them to the living room at the oddest times --Mary

11. Luna has: destroyed a pair of my glasses, to the point where I could barely wear them, but needed to. Thankfully I didn't have to Boston Bruinswear them out in public. She has chewed up 3 rolls of toilet paper sitting in the basket in the bathroom, requiring us to close the bathroom door. She has torn out the insoles of my husband's shoes and chewed those smelly things to bits. She has gotten into the trash and spread it all over the bathroom. She even destroyed one of the boys' foam things from the Bruins. --Beth

12. My dog tore our down comforter into pieces leaving feather dust everywhere -- and for months to come. --Deborah

13. Oliver ate fish hooks, followed by rat poison a month later. Many hospital bills, medicine, and a second job kept him alive.  --Joan

fish hooks

14. My dog Rosie chewed a hole in my brand-new mattress when my new boyfriend started sleeping over — in the shape of a man's head, right where his head went! --Sara

15. My dog somehow got into my underwear draw and ate my thong! The next few days I had to pull bits of my thong underwear from his butt when he pooped. --Anonymous

Are you dying? Haha! Do you have similar stories from your pets?

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