3 Ways to Save Money Around the House

saving moneyYou may have gotten a grasp on keeping your clothing spending in check, or figured out how to control that coffee bill, but are you making efforts at home to save money too? Here are 3 ways to keep from going broke in your own house.


1. On your water bill. Sure, you want a gorgeously green and lush yard for summer, but, as with most coveted things, you gotta pay for it. Sprinkler systems keep our lawns lovely, but can cause water bills to skyrocket. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, nearly 30 percent of water used daily in America -- or 7 billion gallons -- is used outdoors, and the number can climb to 70 percent in summer and in areas with dry climates.

Save on your water bill by regularly maintaining your home’s irrigation systems. The EPA recommends looking for sprinkler heads that are clogged, broken, or missing, checking for leaks (if you’re spotting big water pools in your yard, that’s a sign), redirecting sprinkler heads that are watering your driveway or sidewalk, and updating your watering schedule depending on the season. Use less water, save more money? Win-win.

2. On printer ink. "Replacing printer ink can triple the cost of your printer in an instant, as it is one of the biggest consumer rip-offs on the market," says Andrea Woroch, a consumer and money-saving expert. "However, it becomes a necessity, especially for your kids at nearly every age as school work and reports must be typed." She recommends using the search engine InkjetWilly.com for help finding the cheapest replacement printer ink. You can search by printer brand and model and find online companies that sell the ink you're looking for at a fraction of the cost. The site will also show you re-manufactured alternatives to keep costs down even more, she added.

3. On toilet paper. Don’t have a square to spare? Maybe you’re not getting the best bang for your buck when it comes to TP. For instance, the grocery store and big box retailer aren’t the only places to snag toilet paper -- or other paper products, for that matter. Office supply and even restaurant supply stores can offer toilet paper in bulk for less.

And, yes, there is an app for that. Red Laser’s free shopping app essentially turns your phone into a bar code scanner, so when you face that wall of toilet paper at Target, Costco, or wherever else, you can figure out which rolls will get you the best deal.

How do you save money around your house?

This post was written by Lesley Kennedy, the senior managing editor at coupon and money-saving site ShopAtHome.com.

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