Denise Richards Sues People Who Left Her & 5 Kids Without Air Conditioning

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Denise Richards has been taking care of her ex-husband Charlie Sheen's two kids with his other ex-wife, plus she has her own three kids, so this is a woman who needs her air conditioning! She's suing the contractors she claimed messed up the electrical system, leaving her without precious AC. Hello, people, it's summer! She is also suing them for renovations that went over budget by about $1.5 million. She's saying she's got sewer gases in her attic now too. That sounds pretty gross! Denise is a busy momma. Ain't nobody got time for sewer gases.

Denise is also claiming that parts of her home now reach 90 degrees. That's a good name for a band, but you really don't want that in your house. Especially with five kids.

But it doesn't stop there. Denise also claims the contractors destroyed her roof and demolished parts of her house. Sheesh, where'd these contractors come from? RepairzRUs?

I hired contractors to gut renovate an apartment and I'd heard so many horror stories about botched renovations that I was incredibly nervous about it. They did end up making a mistake -- they built the kitchen shelves too close to where the fridge was going to go so that it no longer fit where it was supposed to. But when I complained, they quickly fixed it. Guess I got lucky.

Consumer protection agencies say that contractor rip-offs are often their highest complaints. Some ways of protecting yourself include making sure the contractor has at least five years experience; the contractor should have workers' comp and general liability insurance; and they should have a photobook of work they've done. Of course, it never hurts to ask to call people they've worked with or get recommendations from people who have been happy with their renovations.

With five kids, Denise needs to be cooled off, pronto. I hope someone gives her some freebies.

Have you ever had a shady contractor?


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bills... billsfan1104

Are you fucking for real?? Hasn't she heard of a fucking fan until the air conditioner got fixed??? Or better yet, she has money rent a hotel room u til it's fixed. There are people in this country that cannot eat and just making ends meet, and you are complaining that her pampered ass doesn't have air conditioning.

abra819 abra819

Oh Denise, that is just terrible. I can't believe you were brave enough with withstand a 90 degrees mansion. I wish I could hug you and comfort your pain.  I can't even imagine the horrors those mini millionaires must have suffered..with sweat rolling down their foreheads. Infuriating!! This world is just pure evil!!!

sticking out tongue

lovem... lovemyson1224

Geez you would think she is evil according to the other comments. Why shouldn't she try to get issues resolved if the contractor really made those mistakes. According to the article there were numerous problems, not just the air. We don't know the whole situation. Maybe she tried to take care of it with other avenues and they wouldn't work with her.

bills... billsfan1104

Who said anything about evil? Just Bitchy and Elitest, just like the author.

lovem... lovemyson1224

Abra819 specifically used the word evil.

kelti... kelticmom

How is it "bitchy and elitest" to sue contractors for shoddy work? Did anyone even read the article? It wasn't just the AC. They messed up the electrical system, tore up her roof, gas leak in the attic and went over budget. You wouldn't take legal action against a contractor who messed up your home? Or do you think that just because she is rich, she should suck it up and just pay again to have someone else fix it all?

bills... billsfan1104

Keltic, I read it. But the way the author write it, she wrote it like she was during because t was 90 degrees and it the AC didn't work. And then the whole host of problems came after. Of course I would sue.

But maybe the author she not put her bitchiness in the article because she made Denise look bitchy.

Love, she didn't say Denise was evil. Reread it

Jespren Jespren

Our AC went out in "heat advisory" weather, it was 100+ degrees out with 100% humidity and our apartment with its foolishly positioned giant window turned the house into an oven. Even *with* that shody AC running it got over 90 in there. In some parts of the country, with housing built the way it is, some summer days require AC or it could literally be deadly for small children, elderly, or the frail. Our news calls for people without AC to go to publicly cooled buildings and municipal buildings give out free fans. Rich or poor, if someone screws up your AC in summer heat, you raise a stink and get it fixed, ASAP.

kelti... kelticmom

I get you Billsfan. And what is it with the Stir and these bitchy, shallow, vapid articles lately? They are either completely mean spirited, based on total rumors, manipulated facts or just plain pointless.

Nelli... NellieAthome

billsfan1104 - the  way the article was written makes the writer bitchy and elitist. You have no way of knowing if it reflects Ms Richards personality at all.

 Probably not since this is a woman who keeps a working relationship with her ex-husband for the sake of her children  to the point of being willing to take in her ex-husband twins with another ex-wife for the good of the children.

Or do you just resent everyone who might have more money than you do?

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