Beach Cottage Devastated by Hurricane Sandy Gets Gorgeous Makeover You Have to See (VIDEO)

lizzi's houseSo many beach-front homes were destroyed during Hurricane Sandy last year. Some were so badly damaged, owners just had to walk away. But if you decided to stay put, clean up, and repair, you faced a hideously expensive and daunting task. Marian Lizzi's weekend cottage in Breezy Point, New York was left a "filthy and smelly" wreck, but she didn't qualify for financial assistance. So she sent photos to the magazine Country Living and was thrilled when they chose her house for a renovation. That's how Lizzi's Sandy-ravaged house was transformed into Country Living's House of the Year.


Lizzi's 1000-square-foot cottage was literally rotting away after extensive flooding and the impact of high winds. So the Country Living team had to strip almost everything away. But this gave them the chance to make substantial changes to the house and give it a more open design. HGTV interior designer Emily Henderson scoured antiques markets to fill Lizzi's home with furniture "with integrity" -- but she kept things light by hanging a hammock in the living room.

And now look -- it's a light-filled little piece of heaven. I love the open plan, and how large it makes the tiny house look (and probably feel as well). The color scheme feels beachy in a clean, modern way. Lucky Lizzi -- of course she loves her new house.

It would be grand if all the homeowners affected by Sandy could get this kind of makeover treatment, but I'm glad they could help at least one home. It's hard not to worry just a little bit how safe Lizzi's beautiful new home is, still located in a vulnerable spot. How will it weather the next hurricane? Hopefully they considered subsequent storms in the design. But in the meantime, you know Lizzi's enjoying one of the best summers of her life in that perfect little cottage.

What do you think of Lizzi's home makeover?


Image via HGTV

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