7 Most Dreaded Mom Tasks Around the House

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If I were pregnant -- which I'm not, thank goodness -- I'd obviously be in the midst of what's known as the "nesting phase."

With the kids in camp all day and no books to write or other big projects to tackle, it just seemed as good a time as any to play catch-up around the house ... and there's a ton to catch up on. Because as much tidying and organizing as I do on a daily basis, there are always the tasks that I put off, and the longer I put them off, the more daunting they become.

I'm slowly making my way through them, but the best part of all is that when I'm done, I can promptly return to ignoring them.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who puts off the below tasks for months, sometimes years, at a time?

1. Putting photos in albums. I love taking pictures, but they rarely go further than Facebook. So, I have a hard drive filled with photos, a few new ones in frames, and that's about it. It's actually nice to relive the moments as you file the pictures away for future generations, but somehow it just never seems to top my list of must-dos.

Most_Hated_Household_Chores2. Matching Tupperware lids. I know that if I did this every time I unloaded the dishwasher, it would make my life easier, but there's just something about chucking every plastic container into one drawer that seems wiser in the heat of the moment.

3. Pairing socks. I threw away a box full of single socks last week and it was, dare I say, thrilling. Pathetic? You try it and tell me you don't feel liberated.

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4. Weeding through too-small clothes. I haven't had a toddler in years, so why on earth did I have a pair of 18-24 month shorts in my closet? Your guess is as good as mine.

5. Dealing with the kids' artwork. OMG, the amount of crap they bring home from school should be illegal. On a weekly basis, I put the best of the best in a trunk to save and sneak the worst of the worst out to the trash. But the rest of it? The 99 percent? Gets shoved in drawers and cabinets just waiting for the once a year purge.

6. Organizing the playroom. They ruin it the moment they actually play in it, but those three seconds when every dinosaur and Lego and Polly Pocket is in its own plastic box? It's a sight to behold. 

7. Rearranging my daughter's dollhouse. Barbies in the kitchen? Life-sized jewelry on the bed? Once in a while, even a doll's house needs a cleaning. (OK, fine. I kind of love this one.)

What task do YOU dread the most?


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jalaz77 jalaz77

Potty training. I dread potty training. So cute in the beginning but gets old REALLY fast.

Melis... Melissa1508

With the exception of toddler clothes, I relate to every one of these.  I love to just stand in the doorway of the playroom when it's nice and clean and stare at it.  haha  I dread the thought of going through my drawers and cleaning my closet.  Oh my GOD, I have let this go for too long and it's a disaster.  I do organize my daughter's dollhouse, and it's kind of fun...since I sit there and put all the dolls in outfits and brush their hair.  ;)

NatAndCo NatAndCo

I hate picking up my kids toys. I clean up the play area, have a nice minute and a half of satisfaction and then they get upset because they have nothing out to play with. Never mind the other room of toys... They want the ones I just put away.

nonmember avatar Jenn

Matching the Tupperware is easy! I simply have a box in the Tupperware cabinet that keeps them all organized. You are correct; it is a task you must take two seconds and do when you put pieces away.

As for the Sock Monster, I thwarted him by buying only one type/color of socks. No matching necessary when all socks are the same.

rthm rthm

OMgosh, scrubbing buggers off the walls! Once sitting around the dinner table, I had a break and blurted out, "Who keeps wiping their buggers on my walls!" To which my then 4yo. looked up with her big blue eyes and proud smile said. "Not me, I eat mine!" Thankfully they are all way out of that stage.

Leigh Thorson Siebert

Rthm: Lmao! I hate cleaning the playroom. I find scary stuff in there even though they are not supposed to eat in there.

nonmember avatar Emmie

Mine is picking up everyone's crap before I can actually clean anything. Instead of spending time putting things away, I've begun to put everyone's things in a basket and dumping it on their bed. Annoying that it takes an hour to get the house ready to vacuum, dust, etc. My husband is the worst. The kids are pretty good about it.

kerij... kerijeanbean

I also hate having to pick everything up before I can clean.  After all I didn't drag any of it out and strew it all over the house.  It is also amazing how much mess the kids can make in so little time.  The other thing I dread is laundry and dishes.  They are never ending.

Theresa Levi

nobody helps me dust. it sucks bc at the end of the day I'm to tired and it makes us all sick.

grous... grousseau

I have zero help doing any house work, so things do pile up. Right now I am in my clean everything phase. I am working on the family room right now. I must say it is looking pretty darn good. I finished the bathrooms last week. Next will be the formal living room, which will be pretty easy as we don't use that room alot. I hate to pick up and clean but, I do love the results.

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