Paris Hilton Packs 19 Suitcases for a Trip -- Are YOU an Overpacker, Too? (PHOTO)

Paris Hilton luggageWhen it comes to packing for vacation, I'd like to consider myself an absolute pro. I'm fast, efficient, and shop well in advance for anything I think I'll need. I don't know if I'm as much of a packing pro as Paris Hilton, though. The heiress to the Hilton fortune recently gathered her belongings for a month-long trip to Ibiza and posted her suitcases pre-flight. How many suitcases, you're wondering? Nineteen. Paris packed 19 suitcases for her trip.

Um, one has to own a boatload of clothes to be able to pack 19 full suitcases. That, or have enough shoes to outfit an entire village. Can you even IMAGINE snagging all of those at baggage claim? The stares you'd get?! Yeah yeah, I get it: She's going for a month. She's a girl that has a limitless fortune and probably does have enough clothes to wear a different outfit for three years straight. But NINETEEN suitcases?

Cue my frustration with overpackers ... now. YouknowwhatI'msayin'?!


Believe me, I totally understand the desire to overpack. You think to yourself: I could totally wear these booties for two hours one day! or What IF we go to a shabby chic restaurant and I need this tie-dye dress? The reality? You get to wherever your destination may be, and only wear one-quarter of the items you brought. Every. Single. Time.

So how do you cure overpacking? Well, it takes time. It also takes strategy. If you're preparing for a big trip, think about outfits a few days in advance. Do you have a few staple pieces that you can mix and match to come up with different ensembles? I know you've seen those magazine pieces where they make about 20 different outfits with 8 different items. Test your inner fashionista, be creative, and I can promise you that the lighter weight of your suitcase will put you in a MUCH better mood than toting around some extra wedges.

Are you an overpacker? Do you have any packing tips?


Image via parishilton/Instagram

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