A Beautiful, Vintage Bedroom for a Brother & a Sister

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Nailing "gender neutral" can seem nigh unto impossible for those of us tasked with decorating a shared space for a brother and sister pair. But this room is all the proof you need that it can indeed be done, and quite well too.

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Pastels and neutrals can often feel a bit blah, but in this case the soft greens and light blues play well together to keep the space calm and inviting. 

That little seat is about as adorable as it comes, and I love the idea of having a bookshelf instead of a nightstand or set of drawers. 

What a fantastic wardrobe! The dark wood adds a bit of drama to the room, don't you think? A departure from the rest of it, especially when situated next to the super mod Eames style rocker. 

Darling details are in the knick-knacks perched high on the wardrobe and shelves. I always enjoy seeing the small accents throughout a child's room, tokens of their parents' affections and so very thoughtfully placed.

You can see more of this room and the accompanying playroom on PopSugar.

I do have a thing for shared spaces, as you well know. I'm particularly fond of this one and its vintage influence and am curious to hear if you feel the same? 

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Bmat Bmat

I do like this bedroom a lot.  Although I really like the wardrobe, I'm not sure how practical it would be- if the child would close it every time- but then they often don't close drawers and doors anyway.

Kmakk... Kmakksmom

That is adorable!

TerriC TerriC

Those are great! Very nice!

arpazia arpazia

Well, I am obsessed with vintage;) 

 So thumbs up!

dusky... dusky_rose

It's cute, but not my style.

GwenMB GwenMB

Awesome room!

4kidz916 4kidz916

That's really cute.

sukainah sukainah

I love that!

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