6 Easy Home Decor Ideas That Will Make You Look Like a Pro (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Jul 26, 2013 Home & Garden

bunk bedsDoes your home need a refresher? Looking for some fun, easy, and inexpensive ways to zhoosh up your rooms? I could use some of that. So when I was invited to an Ikea preview of their fall catalog, I came prepared to "steal" a few ideas. These are all pretty simple to pull off, and they're not too expensive, either. You could do any of these in an afternoon. But they'll make you look like a design pro. I mean, don't you love it when your friends come over and say "How did you come up with that idea???" Yes you do! Here are our favorites.

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  • Think Outside the Frame 1


    Here's a couple ideas for frames. That ornate, white frame is used to showcase a cherished pair of baby shoes. And then that drawing on the left -- on a trouser hangar! Love it. And then there's just a simple bulletin board created with cork and a frame.

  • Think Outside the Frame 2


    One more fun frame idea, over on the upper right side: They've filled the frame with a subtly decorated fabric, and then pinned craft flowers on it. You could pin all kinds of thins on that surface, of course.

  • Bunk Beds Into Rooms


    Create mini-rooms by painting the walls around your bunk beds different colors. You can then decorate each little space according to each child's tastes. I also like the curtain (hanging from the ceiling) that lets you close the beds off. You can't see in this photo, but opposite the beds is a long, sectional couch. So that creates yet another room-within-a-room.

  • Shelves as Playspace


    I love how they used shelves to create a little dollhouse. Notice the legs they added below, and the step-up ladder.

  • Fabric as Wall Decor


    They hung this cool piece of fabric from the wall to transform a corner. Looks great against that chair. 

  • Party-Ready Deck


    More fun with fabrics. For this look, they covered some twin-sized mattresses with fabric for seating, but you could probably do the same thing with benches. And then they hung more fabric overhead for a little shade. 

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