Pretty, Clutter-Free Playrooms 'Modern Kids' Will Have a Ball In

Playrooms seem to inevitably end up as a dumping ground for all sorts of miscellaneous toys and housewares. Which is maybe why I'm drawn to these images of clean, modern spaces that are decidedly free of clutter and excess. I mean, how many toys does a kid really need?

Don't get me wrong, I get that a sleek aesthetic like this one can come across as rather sterile and impersonal at times, but in this case, I can really appreciate the simplicity, especially in the context of a playroom. Less is more, yes? 

Here are more modern playroom inspirations below!


Brightly-colored furniture and various accents in this room are offset by the stark, white walls. The tall ceilings really make this space feel huge -- and then there's the yellow slide. Who wouldn't love that?

No white walls here, but green instead. That little table with the short benches looks like it makes for excellent storage and play space all in one. 

The big windows in this one allow for plenty of natural light to enter, and the neutral tones help keep the feeling warm and inviting. Low tables and seating abound.

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This playroom is a bit more eclectic with a colorful rug and fixtures. The storage unit against the walls looks like the perfect place to keep everything organized and uncluttered, a feature any parent who's ever cleaned up after a long day can appreciate!

Do you have a playroom in your home? How do you go about keeping things semi-organized -- that is, if you even dare to go in there at all? I want to know! 

Images via Campsite Studio, Chic Tip, A Newfound Treasure, Design Sponge, Houzz

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