6 Household Chores That Are Much Harder Than They Seem

laundry basketWe can't all be good at everything, right? Well, when it comes to some common household chores, I'm seriously lacking in skills. Okay, maybe a lack of enthusiasm doesn't help, but there are some things that must be done around the house that I consistently blunder.

They're not all that complex, but somehow when I attempt them, things just go all sorts of wrong. I think most of us have challenges like this, right (please tell me I'm right)? For many it's cooking that presents the pitfalls, but I actually do quite well in the kitchen. Get me near the laundry room or, God forbid, a hammer, however, and all bets are off. Here are six common household chores that I suck at.

1. Separating darks and lights when doing laundry

I spend way too much time holding up clothing and debating which pile they should go into. If it's white with black stripes, well ... I don't know. How about those annoying color-blocked items with some squares of white and others of assorted colors? It's just overwhelming.

2. Keeping plants alive

Sigh. I try, but still my thumb is as brown as they come. And all those directions about partial sun, full sun, and the like just make my head swim.

3. Hanging pictures

There's simply too much math involved to get them centered and straight. If my husband doesn't intervene, then everything is askew.

4. Washing windows

I've tried newspapers, microfiber cloths, vinegar, and every glass cleaner you can think of; still I have streaky, smudgy windows. They look clear when I'm done, but then the light hits from a certain angle, and it's smudge city. It doesn't help that my children have been obsessed with using window markers all summer all over my big windows. Those do NOT clean off easily.

5. Making beds

Not the daily pulling up of sheets and blankets and fluffing of pillows -- that I do just fine. It's the starting from scratch with new sheets that leaves me all sorts of frazzled. Fitted sheets are more confusing than calculus, and I simply can't get them smooth. Getting the other sheets and blankets tucked in and distributed evenly makes me want a nap.

6. Keeping white clothes white

This may partially have to do with #1, but I swear my whites turn gray after one wash. My son wears white uniform shirts to school, and no matter what products I use, they're stained, dingy, and embarrassing when he stands next to his friends. You can probably see now why my husband insists on doing his own laundry.

What household chores do you find the most challenging?


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Nelli... NellieAthome

I am inclined to ask "If you have this much trouble with tasks that, with the exception of hanging pictures, should be well within the skill set of the average 12 year old, how the hell do you manage to be a grown up parent with a job?"

Oh, and surprisingly the are very few if any people who are enthused about doing laundry or making beds or washing windows but doing necessary tasks without making a big production out of it is a large part of what separates adults from children......

grous... grousseau

Laundry: SHOUT COLOR SAFE SHEETS! You put them in the wash and they absorb dyes that will gray your whites, or run. Colors sorting: look at the tag and sort by water temp. Hanging photos etc: take a ruler or yard stick and drill a hole for a screw through the center, measure, lightly press the screw and it will leave an indentation for your nail. Plants: try low maintaince such as cacti, put them in a pot and water once a month, easy peasy. Making beds, well if you have not learned by now, I can't help you. All just basic living skills every human being needs. An adult ed Homec class may help.

grous... grousseau

Oh and one more thing. Take the window markers away from the kids. Give them a coloring book for petes sake. Maybe tub markers for bathtime. If you have trouble keeping your windows clean hire a window cleaner, or the thirteen year old looking for a part time job.

kumora kumora

windows just use something that you have ound doesnt streak glass that is not full of chemicals, use only a little, and let it sit just long enough on the glass to break up any dust or dirt then wipe with coffee filters- coffee filters leave the least streaks and are cheaper than paper towels to replace. for the bed, you can always ask your husband or kids to help by getting the other side. that is just to add to what was said by the above commenter 

nonmember avatar Jenn

The very BEST thing I have found for windows and mirrors is a Norwex window cloth. Just use water and any old regular cloth to wash, then wipe to a streak-free shine with the Norwex cloth. Even on the interior of car windows it works GREAT.

nonmember avatar Cindy Campbell

C'mon folks...lighten up. Just because someone isn't good at housework doesn't mean they've failed as a grown up. Different people have different skill sets...I speak from experience. As far as hanging pictures, I think I can help w/this one. It works with one picture or multiples. Measure your picture, make a copy of it on paper. Anything works even butcher paper; I prefer wrapping paper or posterboard because the brighter colors help me more. Don't forget to mark where your hangers are...whether at the top or where they hit in the middle. Grab some non-residue tape, and have at. You can measure the spacing between pictures, What height you want them at, whether they're level; really anything. When you have them where you want them, leave them there. Grab your hardware and start placing it. Since you've got everything in position, you'll know precisely where the hardware needs to go. When you're done, tear the paper off and voila. perfectly placed pics without tons of holes in your walls. A friend gave me that hint years ago...and I've put it to much good use. Hope this helps.

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