Wrong House Demolished in BIG Mistake That Left Couple Wondering Where Their House Went (VIDEO)


wrong house demolishedI've lost my keys more times than I can count, and even my minivan in a big parking lot on an occasion or two. I simply can't imagine, however, how David Underwood and his wife must have felt when they couldn't find their own home -- not even when they were sitting in their driveway.

That's because their three-bedroom home had been mistakenly demolished by the city of Fort Worth. According to Fox4, the city crew was supposed to knock down a condemned home at 9708 Watercress. Instead they knocked down Underwood's house at 9716. Oops!

Underwood told the station:

We came around Silver Creek looking for the lot and my wife said, David… I think the house is gone. We looked up there and sure enough, it's gone!

A neighbor reportedly tried to get in touch with city officials when he saw the mistake happening, but that didn't help. The house was completely leveled, and all that's left is a concrete slab.

The good news is that it could have been much much worse. Fortunately, there wasn't a whole lot inside. It was a home that had belonged to Underwood's grandmother, and he was planning to fix it up and move into it. He and his wife had shown up to mow the lawn when they found it missing. So it's not like all of their worldly possessions were demolished too. Phew.

Underwood himself has a great and inspirational attitude about it. Rather than lashing out in anger demanding apologies and threatening lawsuits, he told the station, "I see so much around here, people that need help and have less that, it’s an accident, let’s do what’s right and move on."

But still ... wow.  


Dallas News | myFOXdfw.com

Can you imagine coming home and seeing that your home has been demolished?!


Image via Fox4

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bills... billsfan1104

For them to make this big of a mistake, his house must of looked like a piece of shit. He probably isn't mad, because now he doesn't have to fix it up and with any compensation money the county gives him, he can rebuild.

jalaz77 jalaz77

That round suck but the title made it sound as if a couple lost their home when it was really an inherited home, thankfully!! Still can get a pretty perfect house cause of this sloppy mistake. Still sad.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Round-"would"!!! Freaking phone.

Kediset Kediset

kind of a shame... I'm sure there was sentimental value to the house, but I guess they can look on the bright side of starting something new

2baby... 2babymomma

i have heard navy stories like this

miche... micheledo

Great attitude - and really the right one!!  Mistakes do happen.  So glad they didn't lose their belongings!!!

nonmember avatar Joe Romero

This is very tragic! I wish that everything becomes normal soon for the family.

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