Keep Your House Smelling Amazing With DIY Natural Air Fresheners

Fact: I like a clean-smelling home. I love walking through my front door, inhaling, and then being overcome by a scent so beautiful that a smile spreads across my face. Too bad that almost never happens. Whose house smells like that? No seriously, let me know so I can learn your ways!

For years, I've been relying on store-bought air fresheners, but when I use them, I always feel like I'm breathing in gross chemicals. Yuck!

For those of you searching for a way to make your home smell amazing without spending too much money at the store, simple tricks like placing dried herbs and coffee grounds in decorative bowls throughout the house can mask any unwanted scents. Coffee grounds as an air freshener? Now that's what I'm talking about.

Do you have any tips for keeping your home smelling fresh?


Image via CafeMom Solutions

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