10 Ways to Save Money That We're Ashamed to Admit

Piggy bank brokenI don't know about you guys, but I am all for saving money wherever I can. Especially when it comes to grocery shopping and things around the house. Heck, have you been to the supermarket lately? I feel like the prices are going up on the regular and I'm drowning trying to get the basics! Which is why we all have our own little tricks and tips on how to save funds, amirite?

The catch? Not all of these things are techniques you want to brag about to your friends. In fact, some of them are a little disgusting. Check out these 10 money-saving tricks that you may be a little embarrassed to admit:


1. Watering down milk: One CafeMom user admits that since her son loves milk so much, she usually adds water so it lasts longer. Hello, brilliant! Double the milk for half the price? Yes, please.

2. Cut down on laundry detergent: After experimenting, one CafeMom user admits she uses half of the normal amount of detergent in each load and is unable to tell the difference. Definitely one of those "I'll have to see for myself" techniques, but could TOTALLY be worth a shot!

3. Flushing less often: A little gross? Yeah, slightly. But one CafeMom user admits that flushing a few less times a day helped save her and her family a whopping $70 a month!

4. Use expired coupons at self-checkout: Expired coupons may not be such a bad thing anymore. Apparently a lot of self-checkout machines take 'em, according to one CafeMom user. Discount heaven, here I come!

5. Dilute your shampoo: Conditioner is a bit thicker and harder to fuss with, but most shampoos are fine with a little added water. Take out 1/3 of the bottle, replace it with water, and mix well.

6. Reuse containers as bowls: Ever had Cool Whip or I Can't Believe It's Not Butter? Well those containers are perfect for cereal, and MUCH cheaper than those fancy schmancy bowls you've been eyeing from Pottery Barn. 

7. Reuse paper bags as trash bags: One CafeMom user saves some cash by using the paper bags we all snag groceries in as trash bags at home.

8. Air dry: Save money on electricity bills by hanging clothes out to dry instead of throwing them in a dryer. Who cares if it takes longer?

9. Buy closer to expiration date: If you're at the store looking for chicken or meats you know you're going to cook same day or next, look for packages with upcoming dates. The products are still good and often are put on sale since stores want to get rid of 'em.

10. Rinse coffee filters: Think that coffee filter is done after one use? Think again. Simply rinse out the grinds and lay it flat to dry. You should be able to use it once more, at least.

Do you have any tips and tricks to saving money?


Image via Images_of_money/Flickr

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