Extreme Hoarder Found Unconscious in House of Horrors Overrun by Rats & Bats

condemnedIf you recently consumed a meal, you might want to come back and read this a little bit later after your food has had time to fully digest -- because this has to be the worst case of hoarding you've ever heard.

A home in Philadelphia was found full of bats, cats, rats, and mounds of trash left behind by an owner who was found unconscious inside and has since been hospitalized with "unspecified ailments."

Oh yeah, did I mention that the entire floor of the house was covered in animal waste when authorities arrived?


There was literally poop everywhere, and there were also Tupperware containers "stacked 10 or 12 tall" that were serving as litter boxes for the cats. (OMG. I think I'm gonna barf.)

And of those cats, four were found dead, and five were found alive, though they're sick -- and more animals are believed to be somewhere in the house among all the filth. Oh, and the bats and rats? Yeah, they infested the home along with spiders, and the place even has tree limbs growing out of the gutters.

Huh. That's probably not good for resale, which is why it's a good thing the house has been condemned. If it's not cleaned up in 30 days, it will be torn down, which I'd say is probably the best plan, here.

I guess we can't really understand what goes on inside the mind of an extreme hoarder, but it's so sad that they don't realize just how detrimental their lifestyle is to their own health, and the health of neighbors, pets, and anyone living with or around them.

Gag. Can you even imagine the smell coming from that place? Judging from how contaminated it was, the scent could probably be detected all the way down the block, so the immediate neighbors of the home must be thanking their lucky stars that authorities were called in.

I honestly can't decide if this story is really sad, absolutely appalling, or a combination of both. Whatever the case, hopefully the home owner will get the help he or she needs so something like this doesn't happen again.

Why do you think people hoard like this?


Image via tacomabibelot/Flickr

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